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5f mdmb 2201 4f adb These are the current strongest noids.

I’ve been smoking weed for the last 10 years, and haven’t smoked in 10 months because off drug tests.

I’ve tried some herbal incense before and I literally just put 3 grains of incense in a cigarette and was high as fuck, you could say almost too high, it didn’t give me heart racing or anything of that nature, but it got me thinking very paranoid stuff.

I don’t know what the active ingredient on the incense was btw, but I do know to only put veeery little of any incense in a cigarette.

Both 4F-ADB and 5F-mdmb2201 is hard to dose, If you just take abit to low you basicly dont feel anything at all.

And if you just take a Little to much, it hits you like a fking train.

I would seriously recommend you to flush that noid and get something else.

I had both good and bad experiances on that one, i took like Little more than i normaly did and i feelt like i was going to have a heart attack. These types of noids is damn potent,

Not really sure of how potent they are, but from my own experiances with them it feelt like they where dosed in 50+-150 Micro gram range. I took a very very tiny ammount of powder, thats def lower than 200+ Micro grams atleast, and that shit fkt me up real bad,

Im used to these types of noids thats dosed in 1-5+MG range.

 I’ve just finished a 2g bag of 5f MDMB 2201 (incense)

And it went pretty good I think, but I must say I see how people can get addicted to this stuff it’s so habit forming, smoking one joint after another because the high only lasts for like 20-30 mins and you want stay on that state.

I won’t be ordering more anytime soon because I can see the potential danger that comes with smoking this stuff for a longer period of time.

So I think I’ll just stay sober for a couple more months and start smoking cannabis again when my circumstances allow me to.

Good choice my man. I was waking up every 30-60 minutes to pick my carpet for the shit for a month or two at one point. Rolling whole Swisher’s of 1 hit KO traphouse blends while smoking another one only to drop that one out of my mouth into my yard off my deck losing it in the leaves just to finish rolling the next one and light it up forgetting about the one I just dropped… Was blowing $100+ a day on the shit.

Tho I must admit noids be my favorite out of anything I’ve done and I’ve tried a lot of shit.
Some of the old ones like nm-2201 and fub-amb were fucking FANTASTIC in medium doses with some good LSD or shrooms! Like stronger than DMT breakthroughs at some times.

I would advise JWH-210. I have only been smoking for a week now, so far so good. This does take a bit longer to take effect, but it lasts a lot longer.

When i was using 4f-adb, it was the rollercoaste ride, as mentioned by most, with major side effects, worst being cant eat, cant sleep, cant dream, so carry on that road and you will die…

Fortunatly now on the jwh i can eat fine and sleep normally, i love dreaming and more importantly when i smoke normal weed it tastes brilliant and actually has an effect.

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