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This substance was identified and quantified during a recent post-mortem investigation in Japan, where it was also stated that there have been approximately 10 cases in Japan, since late September 2014, possibly associated with the inhalation of this substance [1]. In the case of the death reported in this paper, the cause of death is listed as consistent with asphyxia, indirectly caused by synthetic scannabinoid poisoning, “the low levels of 5-fluoro-ADB in all solid tissue specimens could be explained by the fact that only a small amount of 5-fluoro-ADB in the herbal smoke was inhaled in a very short period of time, as this potent synthetic cannabinoid likely exerted its powerful action on consciousness and provoked vomiting symptom very shortly after the victim inhaled the drug smoke [1].” 5F-MDMB-PINACA was identified in 0.79 grams of white powder, seized by the National Tax and Customs Administration Airport Directorate Nr.1, in Budapest on the 2nd September 2014. The substance was analytically confirmed using GC-MS and FTIR.
[1]. Hasegawa, K., Wurita, A., Minakata, K., Gonmori, K., Yamagishi, I., Nozawa, H., Watanabe, K., Suzuki, O. Identification and quantitation of 5-fluoro-ADB, one of the most dangerous synthetic cannabinoids, in the stomach contents and solid tissues of a human cadaver and in some herbal products. Forensic Toxicology, December 2014 ,You wait ages for a new MDMB-CHMICA derived cannabinoid and then two come along at once. 5F-MDMB-PINACA is the 5-fluoropentyl indazole analogue to MDMB-CHMICA’s cyclohexylmethyl indole. It can also be seen as a relative of 5F-Cumyl-PINACA (frequently found in C-liquids), 5F-AKB-48 and THJ-2001, with the cumyl, adamantyl or naphthalene group replaced with a methyl 3,3-dimethylbutanote group. While no studies have assessed the potency of 5F-MDMB-PINACA, the closely related compound 5F-ADB-PINACA (lacking the methyl ester) is known to be among the strongest . This is currently listed, though not in stock at BRC, who say “It appears to have in-vitro CB1/CB2 receptor agonism 20% more than that of MMB-CHMINACA/MDMB-CHMICA so great care is needed with handling this chemical.” It wouldn’t surprise me if it ended up sold as C-liquid, since it has much better solubility than MDMB-CHMICA and probably is around the same potency as 5F-cumyl-PINACA, but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Strangely, I only see it if I’m logged in and the product page gives a 404 error if not. Maybe it’s only visible to specific customer groups but isn’t in the rare chemicals section. Bit confusing either way.

I now have some of this stuff. I made up a batch of C-liquid and tried it out (with an appropriate sense of caution).

This dissolved about as well as MDMB-CHMICA – which is to say it took a bit of encouragement to get it to dissolve at 4mg/ml. I was originally aiming for 2mg/ml, but the powder I received appears to have some small, dense chunks hidden in it and it was simpler to make it at 4mg/ml and then dilute.

I mixed 1ml of the C-Liquid with 1ml of a standard nicotine e-liquid (both volumes measured with a pipette) and put the resulting 2mg/ml solution into a tank (an Aspire Nautilus Mini), with 1.8 Ohm resistance and vaped at 4.2V. This is a variable airflow tank and I kept the airflow on the second lowest setting to keep doses low. As a point of comparison, I’m comfortable vaping a similar concentration of MDMB-CHMICA from a sub-ohm tank without worrying about dosing too high.

I have some low tolerance – I use cannabinoids (usually an MDMB-CHMICA DIY C-Liquid) a couple of times a week on average at relatively low doses. My choice of MDMB-CHMICA is based on a preference for the effect profile rather than its potency. 

I allergy tested first. After 20 minutes with no effects, I tried a small dose – below the level at which I’d expect any effects from MDMB-CHMICA. I was suprised to find that this was a mild but active dose for 5F-MDMB-PINACA. I’d estimate a dose of 10 – 20ug, but it’s hard to be accurate. There was a familiar cannabinoid feeling and a bit of stimulation which could have just been a normal response to trying out a new, potentially risky substance.

Some cannabinoids can build in effect over time, but effects seemed to come on quickly and reach their maximum effect within a couple of minutes. After 10 minutes I tried a slightly higher dose. The stimulation was more pronounced with a noticeable, though modest increase in heart rate. There were also some visual effects- very similar to those experienced with MDMB-CHMICA. While definitely being in a cannabinoid-like mental state, things were pretty clear headed overall. The stimulation wasn’t problematic, but i was reluctant to redose a second time in case this pushed the stimulant-like effects past the point I was comfortable with at this point. I was back to baseline within an hour.

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