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Side effects / negative health effects of Spice

I intended to suggest that we who use Spice fairly regularly could contribute some information about side effects in long-term use, alternatively at high doses and all such.

Most interesting, however, are the effects that spice has during prolonged use and if it is potentially harmful.

Please share your experiences to improve our knowledge of spice and to make it safer..subsit!

Of course, I am aware that this can be very individual.

To set a good example, I start myself.

Adverse effects that occur immediately:
Red eyes
A rather odd pulsating feeling between the eyes, anyone who has a theory about this?

Adverse effects that often occur the day after consuming spice:
General backfill is similar to backfilling due to alcohol, though without nausea.
Mentally slow

And last but not least, the most interesting part

Adverse effects of prolonged use, up to 7 days:

Here I have noticed something interesting, namely that my digit memory has been noticeably reduced. I have trouble remembering phone numbers and the like that I had previously been able to get outside. Have taken a break from spice and my brain seems to be recovering. However, I do not know if the digit memory has recovered naturally or if I have simply learned the numbers again!

Another interesting question is whether there is any substance that could speed up the recovery of one’s mental capacity after using spice. Have heard that vitamin C should help but in my opinion it does not work.
Maybe these pills against backfill can have a similar effect on spice?

The question is whether this is permanent or if you get the number memory back after a certain time. Have to say that it would be a little scary if the case is like losing some memories of digit combinations permanently …

But it does lean to actually get the memory back because I feel a certain sense of the number in question, but it could be that the number and the feeling associated with the number are stored in different places in the brain …

Can also add that my “letter memory” is completely untouched and that, for example, the memory of passwords containing letters is not affected over the main thing!

However, there has always been real cash in mathematics of all kinds,

Recognize me when it comes to emotion space. You are equalized, no peaks or lows when it comes to your emotions.

Have also felt very mild depersonalization, and that you are then a little disconnected from the “real” world. But remember that Spice’s effects are very individual
Of course, that feeling is a little delightful with spice, thinks it can be quite nice
But in my opinion, it lasts far too long. However, have noticed that if you are verbally or mentally challenged with something reasonably challenged, this tough feeling disappears faster, Nezeril and Nasin work very well against red eyes! Namely, these two products have the same active substances as most eye drops, which is oxymetazoline hydrochloride, but do not mix this substance with Xylometazoline hydrochloride which works much worse, if not at all.

Invited a polisher to Spice now this weekend and after about 2 hours of euphoria, it totally turned around and he spit like an idiot

Must say, however, that on the whole Spice seems to be harmless than both cigarettes and alcohol, which many do not even think about, that is how dangerous tobacco and alcohol really are. However, the more lasting effects of Spice are a bit unpleasant. Hopefully, Skunk is the solution to this because it has a much shorter intoxication and does not produce side effects to the same degree as spice does.

Take a shower in each eye and then close your eyes and do some cycling with your eyes. It is also possible to take preventive measures,
which is about 5 minutes before you have to smoke spice, which I prefer

However, I do not spray it directly into the eyes but take a drop on the fingertip and put on the eye, much like you do with eye drops.

And I agree with black rides, spice is sitting for far too long, why it would be interesting if someone knew some kind of topic that accelerates the breakdown of Spice’s effects so that returning to normal state a little faster is maybe one or two days

Hope you can share with others your experiences

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