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A story of First noid, jwh-210

I’m curious about trying this noid, but id like your advice if i should do it or not.

First of all i want to say that i can occasionally get fear attacks from just 3-4 airs of a joint. Occasionally it feels good, occasionally bad.

I tried to make a vape juice with jwh-210 formerly, but the dissolving did nt exactly work out veritably well.
I am more concerned about internal complications. I can use a psychedelic formerly in a while, but fear attacks is a problem occasionally in my life
. Now im allowing like this what if i sprinkle literally only 1 small scruple of the jwh-210 greasepaint in a cigarette. I know jwh-210 in not veritably potent, but my forbearance to cannabinoids is literally 0.

Do you suppose it’ll produce an pleasurable feeling? And what about duration?

And in case i feel bad, is it safe to use a benzo?
The problem with any noid is the occasional” hot” hit that’s more concentrated. It happens with undissolved greasepaint in result, it happens if you eyeball measure wrong, it happens if your invested factory material has a spot that’s further concentrated. If that happens get ready for a fear attack. I’ve been through so numerous of those I’m nearly vulnerable to weed convinced fear. They’re scary and you want none of it.

I do n’t suppose that’s the main reason people overdose on noids however. some are principally innately poisonous and I ’d assume that’s still the case no matter the cure, but with advanced boluses obviously being further poisonous than lower bones. the JWH chems are the gold standard as far as synthetic cannabinoids go tho and with them I suppose it’s fairly safe to say the cure really does make the bane unlike with other newer noids where shit can go wrong enough much no matter how important you do because they ’re so changeable and have zero history whatsoever of mortal use before someone decided to make em in a lab and spot em on factory accoutrements.
Alright, with no cannabinoid forbearance, I ve been doing that for a while, it isn’t safe at all tho, but try to put as least as you can, you ll ultimately find how important you have to put , Also I do n’t understand how people just knee- haul recommend the colorful legal and weak THC analogues when someone expresses interest in a noid … I literally haven’t plant anything that gets me sharpened other than Delta 9 THC except for synthetic cannabinoids, and I ’m guessing numerous are the same way as me. I would recommend doing veritably high quantities of wax or edibles though before you move to noids just so you have some reference of what it’s like to be extremely high without actually risking anything since obviously THC ai n’t gon na kill you indeed if you bomb a fucking 100 gram dab at formerly lol

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