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About 5F-ADB dilution

Just recieved some 5f-adb c-juice and would like some help on how much I need to use.

C-liquids aren’t standardized in terms of potency and we have no way of knowing how potent the c-liquid you’re intending to use might be. Even if it was supplied with that information, you have no way of verifying that it’s accurate and it’s not like these products are made with stringent quality control. (In fact, without a full laboratory analysis, you can’t really be certain that the cannabinoid in your c-liquid is 5F-ADB and not one or more of its relatives.

5F-ADB (AKA 5F-MDMB-PINACA) is an extremely potent compound and c-liquids in general can be made to be very strong – if you’re intending to use this, you should proceed very cautiously – cannabinoid overdoses can be very unpleasant and there are a relatively high number of recorded fatalities involving 5F-ADB. It would be sensible to start with the smallest dose possible and increase from there. It’s worth remembering that synthetic cannabinoids are capable of producing astonishing levels of tolerance in users and synthetic cannabinoid products are often produced at a potency that can get long-term, high-dose users high. Back when cannabinoids were legal in the UK, there were reports from non-tolerant users of scary overdoses based on what they considered to be cautious doses of products containing 5F-ADB.

A ‘drop’ is an ambiguous measurement and I doubt that the containers that c-liquids are usually distributed in are made to produce repeatable and accurate volumes. That said, a drop in a tank does sound like a reasonably cautious starting point.

My advice would be that if you’re intending to use it, be as cautious as possible.

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