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Be careful with some of the latest noids, try request analytical reports first

I work as an analyst in an organic chemistry Laboratory. We sometimes get companies send in legal Novel pyshcoactive substances and I analyse them on GC-MS. Not always do I get conclusive results.

Well there has been such a flood of new noids, all with similar mass that GC-MS is providing tricky to be conclusive. We are having to outsource for NMR to make sure, We won’t risk getting things like this wrong.

We’ve had 5F-MDMB-2201 that was actually 5F-ADB-PINACA and we have ones so far that didn’t even appear in the NIST drug and chemical reference database,

Be careful guys, volumetric dosing all the way, take half what you would normally, the issues are coming from China it seems not the EU, I know the vendor the samples came from, they are legit and professional

Stay safe.

There are not really many reference standards available for these novel noids unfortunately. It seems that Sigma/Cerilliant only sell the old school noids like JWH and the AM2201 etc, we have never used Cayman ourselves yet but they do seem to stock a lot of the reference standards.

We have used some samples sent from trusted suppliers to build up our own library, that is how we identify a lot of novel compounds. With this particular case, the molecular ion did not match that of the compound, so we knew right away we were dealing with a different compound. We then had to do some reading and looked at the fragmentation pattern, that is when we identified it as the 5F-ADB-PINACA. Cayman Chemicals actually helped there as they list their GCMS data on their website, so you can easily check the fragment pattern. We do cannalytics also and have also analysed CBD for the legal market, so we have purchased Delta9-THC references and Delta8-THC references with no issue at all in the EU. They were DEA exempt and here in the EU we did not need any licences to purchase them. There is a system in place where 1mg/ml reference standards for identification purposes and quantitative analysis are not usually controlled. You just have to be a company usually, they will not ship them to individuals or domestic addresses.

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