Updated : Oct 26, 2019 in Cannabinoids

Can Cannabinoids Be Used In Edibles?

 Not aiming for the trippy side of it, just medicinal use ,As a non-smoker, and an inventive cook, I know regular bud/whatever can be used in making edibles. Maybe my meaning was not clear — does anyone know if RC cannabinoid analogues can be used in baked goods? If so which ones for medicinal rather than tripping.

The Synthetic cannabinoids around at the moment arnt particularily medicinal but can be made into eats but surely your using them for incense right?Facepalm

I would also side with Postie.
If you get a dose of noids wrong then you are going to know about it and when i say know about it i mean you may end up in a bad, bad way. (Hospital bad, not bad trip bad) Seriously tho doing this is going to make it very easy to over do it and the slow onset means someone can scoff rather alot before the reality of what they have done sets in…

Has anyone tried these Cannabinoids in baked edibles such as pies, cakes, scones etc? Success?  Failure?

Grateful for any experiences you’ve had doing this. Recipes ? Any suggestions for the best ones to use if so ? Even if they could be used, I would be highly cautious and use very low amounts at first.  Not after a recreational high, just some mood elevation and pain control but not via the smoking method.

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