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Can I dissolve 20mg/ml of 5f2201 in PG?

I favor to make it a concentrate so I can add 1ml of noid per 10ml bottle. My question is will it dissolve at 20mg/ml or will it be too hard?Dosage between the two is enormously different, 5f being extremely effective and NM being fairly mild. NM-2201 is additionally apparently extraordinarily difficult to make into a vape solution. For example: dosage for an natural blend of NM is advocated at 1g / 25-30g plant, 5f is 1g / 80-100g plant. Big difference. If you are experienced with 5f, then do your thing, however if you haven’t tried it but and are about to start, I would especially suggest you to examine some of the horror stories on this sub about the physical addiction and withdrawals that are associated with it. I’ve been smoking a homemade blend of NM and have had no bad side consequences at all and no emotions of addiction, bodily or psychological. 5f noids in frequent have a tendency to be notably strong and raise some sinister side effects. Not making an attempt to lecture or be your dad, simply advertising harm reduction.do you suppose 20mg/ml would dissolve of 5f?I want to add drops into my vape tank… I haven’t tried 5f nor am I going to due the horror testimonies I’ve read. I’ve been via the nightmare that is using and withdrawing from a powerful noid (FUB-AMB) and I will in no way fuck with that shit again. Btw, the 5f you are the use of is from what I recognize closely associated to the FUB-AMB I was using, and it used to be bad. Really bad. Started as a extremely weedlike high, however ended up making me dumb and withdrawn while I used to be the usage of it, triggered me crazy temper swings and depression, then a horrific weeklong withdrawal when I ran out and when I ultimately quit. I understand contemporary you has the drug in your possession and desires to get excessive with it, however I can almost warranty that if you simply threw it away and bought something milder, like NM-2201 or FAB-144, future you will be thanking you. It is not a fun element to go through for such a meh high.with my ultimate tank of 5f at 10mg/ml i would use 1/2 the tank then pinnacle off with ordinary non noid juice and shake… Repeating around 10 instances each time I acquired the 1/2 tank mark. I had 2 nights of waking up every 2 hours in sweats but no puking or nausea. Considering i used it each day continuously for 2 months I located the withdrawals to be tolerable. I consider the issues commence when you stop bloodless turkey.5f did deduct a considerable quantity of IQ factors while I used to be eating it… But they back in a week. that is a exquisite high concentration. If it is for anyone but yourself you should rethink your thought and make it a regular 2mg/ml or around there. Even if it is for you be cautious dosing some thing that strong.

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