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Cannabinoid Addiction

Just wondering what you guys think about this..? Are cannabinoids addictive?

I normally smoke AM-2201, I like the fact it’s very strong and lasts me a long time, but it often worries me as I end up going crazy with it for a week or two then feel I need a break as my body and mind is drained. I always find the first couple of days without smoking it very hard.

I don’t normally go through any more than a gram of AM-2201 every two weeks, but when I got some UR-144 instead I just smoked and smoked and smoked as it didn’t get me as mashed as the AM-2201 had been.

I just took a couple of etiz last night and have woke up feeling fine. I am going to take it easy with the ‘noids a bit more now but still going stock up on AM-2201 before it gets banned. I think they can be quite mentally addictive.

I have just finished one of my little binges and won’t have any for a day or two now. I had some AM-2201 which I was smoking for a couple of weeks, then I decided to give UR-144 another shot but it was a big mistake as I just ended up chasing the strength of the AM-2201 buzz and going through a gram of UR-144 in three days.

A gram of AM2201 in 2 weeks is still a lot, thats at a minimum 100 smokes.

Last time i bought AM2201, i got 250mg and it lasted me well over a month smoking every day.  I only had 4.5 hours sleep last night… When I was going through lots of the pure noids I would have to wake up and have one to get back to sleep. I haven’t smoked any since mid day yesterday and that was only blend. I don’t get that anxious TBH but I’m pretty strong willed when it comes to paranoia and anxiety. I half way through a days work on lunch break and am just going to go for a pint after then have a smoke just before bed. These noid’s need to be treated with respect, I could see how they could effect somebody with little experience in a very bad way, and have actually seen it first hand when friends have given it the old “I’m a seasoned smoker I can handle anything” then they spin out for two hours from a few tokes.

I guess it is but that’s how much I smoke. It works out a lot cheaper than the real deal.. I didn’t feel too bad today without it but ended up going to my local head shop and buying a blend which is ok but pretty weak compared to smoking pure ‘noids.

Don’t forget tolerance can build quick on ‘noids and while you think 1 gram in two weeks is a lot, to me it really does not seem it. I remember first trying it though and back then it would of lasted me a lot lot lot longer. I am trying my best to just smoke mine at the weekend as it is certainly disrupting my sleeping pattern i will wake many times during the night which is leaving me tired all day and then i start to get anxious all the time and start flapping over the tiniest things. Is it just me or do any of you experience any of these symptoms.

Everything can be addictive… 
Maybe not physically in every case… but sure mentally…

If you are taking them kinds of amounts of chemicals then you should really consider either not buying that much or not buying any at all. With the sheer unknown amount of possible health risks, taking a huge amount of any compound in such a short time is dangerous.

I think this thread has explained a lot why some people can be seriously aggressive and paranoid after binges on this stuff. They seem to start flapping over the smallest of things and think people are out to get them.

I glad this issue has been raised, it may help people with their addiction even if is just a “mental” one.

Must admit I do like the odd bit of ur-144 myself but I try to use it in moderation like any drug.

If you don’t have the willpower to stop for no reason (running out doesn’t count) then you won’t see much of a downside until you go overboard and fuck something up.

I will be honest, I have gone through a gram of UR-144 in 3 days, not in a blend. That was after a binge on AM-2201, then the UR-144 turned up and because it is not quite as strong I ended up caning it real bad.. That’s when I made this thread about ten days ago. I have sorted it now though and just smoking a 1g/28g AM-2201 blend and also cutting down a lot. Today I have not even touched it, but I have been working…

Really interested to know how the MAM-2201 is though, I haven’t had the chance to try and if its similar to the AM-2201 I will prefer it to UR-144. My next blend will be 2g UR-144 to 28g herb but I want to try out some of these oils in it instead of tasty puff, I was going to try marshmallow leaf because it seems smoother but on research have been told by a very well know blend maker not to use it, firstly as its lighter, so it looks like you have more but kind of end up smoking more herb, and also it apparently clogs pipes and bongs very badly.

Weed is a relaxing harmless drugs but these are synthetic cannabinoids we are talking about. They are man made chemicals not natural plants or plant extracts etc. They have not been tested or used enough to see if they have any detrimental effects on the user. This is not just aimed at Br0ken Rabbit (even though he cant read it lol) this is a warning for the whole community….they are not cannabis, do not assume in high doses/continued use they will not cause you any harm.

I am not trying to scaremonger but many people seem to think they are harmless as they are based on cannabis, this may or may not be the case.  I do agree with you though DK, IMO there is no possible way you could get to the same level with the real deal, I would throw up or choke before I got enough inside me to reach the tripping balls level I have got to with ‘noids. Maybe eating it would do it but I can’t see it being a good experience or nice on the stomach.

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