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Cannabinoid available in the UK

IUPAC: Methyl 2-(9-(cyclohexylmethyl)-9H-carbazole-3-carboxamido)-3,3-dimethylbutanoate
Mass: 434.5705

MDMB-CHMCZCA (no, I don’t know how to pronounce that either) is is the carbazole analogue of MDMB-CHMICA (usually sold under the name MMB-CHMINACA). Compared to MDMB-CHMICA, the central indole group of has been expanded to a three-ring carbazole and the carboxylamino bridge linking the methyl dimethylbutanoate group joins the new benzyl ring rather than the indole.

It’s apparently been available in Europe to some extent for a couple of months, with Swedish customes identifying it in a product sold under the name EGMB-CHMINACA in September.

No data on binding affinity or effect is available at this point. It’s available from BRC, who claim that “it appears to have in-vitro CB1/CB2 receptor agonism not far that of MDMB-CHMICA.”
When smoked, the headspace is pretty similar as in MDMB-CHMICA, not much of bodyload compared to MDMB-CHMICA and it feels much much smoother all in all. I really like this noid.

Here’s some information:

Recommended dosage when smoked: 0.75mg (Very potent)

Duration when smoked
Onset: <1 min
Coming Up: 0 – 5 mins
Plateau: 5 – 40 mins
Coming Down: 45 – 120 mins

Positive: Mood lift, increased giggling and laughing, relaxation, creative thinking, appreciation of music
Negative: Affects to short-term memory, headaches when consumed much

Very much like the MDMB-CHMICA, as I said before, just without most of the bad sides (for example: being extremely tired) of it.

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