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Creating blend out of this

i gonna use 2 grams /32 herbs would that give a good hit ,

I should have read more of this thread before doing a little of my own research, perhaps.

Background.  I played (rather heavily) with hash/grass/mescaline/acid and a few other things for years (but never injected anything).  After a bout of nostalgia thinking about mellow times at festivals in the 70’s I thought it’d be great to try and recapture some of that now, having not used anything (other than alcohol) for recreational purposes for years.  

So, I procured a small quantity of 5F-AKB-48 (from a vendor that seems to be generally well-respected here).  Having given up smoking (after a pretty tough struggle) I was reluctant to smoke this in a mix, but with fond memories of having made hash cakes years ago decided to do something similar and go down the oral ingestion route.

First a warning, please don’t do exactly what I did here without reading to the end.

Having sort of worked out that this stuff was likely to be pretty potent in small doses, and as weighing out at the mg level of this stuff was beyond my 10mg resolution scales, I decided to weigh out 500mg and dissolve it in 50ml of lab quality IPA.  At room temperature this dissolved in around three or four minutes, with a lot of shaking.  I now had a 1ml = 10mg solution, which I thought was about right.

My chosen experimental method was to drip 1ml (so 10mg of 5F-AKB-48) of the solution on to a butter-rich chocolate cookie, the idea being that the fats in the cookie would probably form a good absorption pathway.  Using a cannula on a syringe I drew up 1ml and dripped it pretty evenly over the surface of the cookie, then let the IPA evaporate for an hour or so, putting the cookie on top of a radiator to help get rid of the IPA.  When I couldn’t smell IPA on the cookie I ate half of it.  After 20 minutes or so nothing much was happening, so I ate the rest.  

Within another 20 minutes I found myself walking around giving a running commentary on everything around me.  Ten minutes after that I started a really compulsive house cleaning session, with paranoia that I wasn’t getting things like the bath really clean.  Things then started to get a bit unpleasant.  There was a massive time dilation effect, I would think half an hour had passed yet would look at the clock and see it was only a minute or so since I’d last checked.  I started getting really intrusive auditory hallucinations, imagining voices, but unable to make out what they were saying.  Then followed some very typical early acid (think 1960’s) visual hallucinations.  The scary stuff were the bouts of chest tightness and palpitations, combined with the feeling I’d only ever had once before (on some “bad acid” back in my hippy days) of total loss of control.  All told I was pretty desperate for things to stop, and kept convincing myself that all I had to do was wait and things would start to wear off after an hour or so.

The odd thing was that motor control was still reasonably OK, and I was rational enough to behave ultra-cautiously.  I kept thinking of ways to get the trip to stop, considered all sorts of things that if ingested might help, but had the sense to lock myself in the house, unplug the phone, and stay rational enough to not take anything else.  All I did was drink lots of water and eat snacks in the hope that I might get through the bad bit more quickly.  Sleeping it off was definitely not an option, I was hyper alert and couldn’t even sit down for more than a minute or two.

The effect was prolonged, it lasted far, far longer than anything I’d ever smoked.  Even now, nearly 20 hours later, I’m not back to normal, but feel slightly disconnected.  The extreme effects lasted for around 4 hours, and I regained enough control to be able to have a semblance of a conversation after about 5 hours (I’d been on my own for the first few hours, not my best idea).  By 6 hours I really just felt a bit ill, slightly nauseous and very wakeful, with a typical sort of acid come-down feeling.  Sleep wasn’t easy, even 12 hours after ingestion, as there were still residual hallucinations whenever I closed my eyes.

With hindsight, I must have seriously got the dosing wrong, I think.  I’ve double checked the baggie this morning and weighed it, and if the supplier sent the right weight then I did only weigh out about 500mg.  I’m guessing that my scales could have an error of maybe a few percent, but I used a calibrated 100ml lab measuring cylinder for the 50ml of IPA so am reasonably sure that my solution ended up at around 10mg/ml, maybe plus or minus a mg or two.  At most I think I may have had 12mg in the cookie, at best maybe 8mg, but most probably it was pretty close to 10mg.

Obviously the oral ingestion route is much slower acting than inhalation, and it seems probable that, given the way cannabinoids bind well to oils and fats, the uptake ratio from the cookie was fairly high, probably a fair bit higher than it would be from inhalation.

My immediate intention is to throw the remaining stuff down the drain, but part of me wonders whether a much smaller dose might prove entertaining, without some of the extreme, and relatively long duration, events of yesterday.

Just thought I’d throw this snippet out here, as it might be useful to someone else.

Im sorry to hear you have had a bit of a bad experience Grey, first thing i would say is if you have been away from recreational drugs for a while AKB may not be the best starting point as its terribly unforgiving (As no doubt you have realised) 

Regarding dosing, a typical well made blend should contain about 216mg to every 6.5g bag so you are looking at about 33mg to a gram of plant material. 

Id say for a beginner a gram should easily be 6 – 7 maybe even 8 very small doses which averages out about 5mg a shot. I’m not very experienced in ingesting noids but as with the illegal counterpart i’m going to hazard a guess as you mentioned that eating it not smoking it is going to have a heavier and longer effect.

My advise (And this is just mine) Steer clear from AKB 5F its just nasty one small slip up can result in some really really crappy long term and short term effects.

It looks like I probably ingested around double a sensible dose for someone well out of the scene for a time, but can report that the medium term after effects are fading now, around 28 hours after ingestion.  The lingering effects have been a mild headache, some mild stomach uneasiness and a slightly disconnected feeling, coupled with a reduced ability to concentrate on any single task for long.

I think the mistakes I made (in order of importance) were:

1.  Choosing a pretty heavy RC to play with after a time away from things

2.  Getting the dose wrong by a factor of 2 or more

3.  Opting for ingestion and deliberately selecting a fatty carrier to maximise uptake

I suspect that the slightly high dose may have been OK if I’d not made such a good job of getting the stuff into the butter and fats in the cookie.  Using IPA as a solvent must have done a pretty good job of transferring virtually all of the AKB into solution within the fats.  I remember back in the days of making hash cakes that the secret was to add the hash to the butter and really work it in before adding it to the mix, at the time I didn’t wholly understand the significance of this, it was just folklore as to what worked pretty well.

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