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Found dead – believed to have smoked spice

Police were alerted to a home in Fagersta yesterday where they found a dead 22-year-old.

They now believe that drug spice is behind the death.

“We don’t know, but we have our suspicions,” says Per-Erik Lundberg, commissioner of the police in Västmanland.
Yesterday morning police and ambulance were alerted to a home in Fagersta in Västmanland.

  • It was a guy who had died and it appeared at an early stage that there was a story that he had used spice. And it may be that he died as a result of this, says Per-Erik Lundberg, commissioner of the police in Västmanland.

The police currently have very little information about the death and whether it is an overdose of spice.

  • There was another person in the place. And it has emerged during the investigation that they had smoked spice and this guy had gotten bad. Suspected drugs were found in this apartment, says Lundberg.

The man’s body will be autopsied, the message from the forensic examination may take up to a month, according to police.

“Frequent mixed poisoning”
If this is the first case when someone in Sweden died of spice overdose is not easy to determine. According to Kai Knudsen, an expert in clinical toxicology at the University of Gothenburg, there are currently a number of suspected cases, but nothing has been confirmed. To determine that it is a spice, a chemical analysis and witnesses are required that can confirm that the deceased has only used spice.

  • They take both one and the other and often they mix. It is often about mixed poisoning. It is difficult for forensic analysis to say that it depends on just one subject. We see a lot of cannabis in many of the drug deaths. But it’s not cannabis they die of, but a mixture, says Kai Knudsen.

Investigate prohibition
Since September, there have been reports of people all over the country seeking hospital care for spice overdoses. The Public Health Authority is currently working to ban some 20 spices.
My question is, this guy who smoked … Didn’t he know that there was a high risk of death in spice? How do you think people who know this but still smoke? Are you stupid in the head? I wonder the same thing, that’s why I’m here. My better half smokes a bit of grass sometimes and it happens that I do too, but how can you be so desperate to escape reality that you suck in such shit that sends people to the emergency on a daily basis? Substitution for cannabis should be a good argument for legalization … The only reason anyone smokes the shit is because it is legal and cannabis is illegal. So here is the law and only the law that kills.Who the hell cares whether it is illegal or not when you read that people die on continuous bands of the legal alternative? I would rather take the risk of getting a little shitty punishment (don’t even get caught for that matter) than take the legal alternative that is fatal. I smoked a bit at the time it was called Spice Diamond, which was strong, but the backfill or what to call it, was almost non-existent. Smoked a lot through all varieties until the analogue found in bonsai citrus became illegal. At that time, each new variety had a negative impact on several levels. I felt completely powerless for weeks after I quit, slept very badly and felt sick.

This is several years ago and the preparations have hardly become “milder” than before. Guess the new generation of young people are thinking “Spice is not dangerous,” just like I did.

Just lay down with the shit. The companies that sell this shit completely in the health of consumers.

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