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How dangerous is MDMB-4en-PINACA in ( veritably) low boluses? Does it damage the DNA like some other Noids?

Damage the DNA? What do you suppose the tittles are ever is throwing out neutrons?
I would not recommend it. The veritably low boluses will ultimately come not enough and you still may develop a small physical dependence. it’s also hard to cure itproperly.All noids are dangerous no matter the lozenge
It’s fairly unsafe. Veritably addictive and microgram potent. Still, I was suitable to use if for a time without overdosing. Still my forbearance was at the point I was smoking gobbets out of an canvas burner just to not heave all day. that is a medicine that was getting me floored at 1g per 60 ml of PG adulterated 4 to 1, suddenly was causing me to get sick at7.5 g or further in 60 ml unmixed. Had seizures when I was in pullout after tapering down to 3g or lower, although that was the worst part besides sweating my burro off and not sleeping ( used phenibut 3hopcp, worked relatively well) surely take serious palladium when using this, nearly as important as fent. The fact that assholes actually downvoted this speaks to the collaborative command of the average reddituser.Reallysad.morons.
I agree with you, no synthetic noid is safe in any way.

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