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How Dangerous Is Real SCs?

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Doesn’t it mostly depend on what kind of canaboid you use? they were said to be testing on lab mice constituted extreme cancer risk. But this must be if you smoke artfully all the time? A fifth spice should be perfectly ok – spicey itself is dangerous as it is just chemicals. stop with that shit and get green or brown. you will become addicted and only buy more besides it only works for 20 min max then you have to roll a new one, Tetrahydrocannabinol is also a chemical cannabinoid. Stop risking the truth that cannabinoids are more chemical than cannabis is. The difference lies in the fact that cannabinoids are synthetically produced in the laboratory compared to it being grown, Spice is risky in that it is difficult to know what is in. Some mix it with other crap that can be directly dangerous. In addition, some acetone uses to quickly dry it, and it is absolutely not useful to smoke, Acetone is a chemical that evaporates to 100% and therefore this is no major danger of smoking smoke mixes from that perspective as long as you wait for it has dried properly. Furthermore, there is a greater risk of cannabis and hash contamination compared to cannabinoids from retailers who analyze their products before sale.

Now, however, I will not only write a post that argues against other users’ posts, but also assist with their own information about why cannabinoids are harmful to the brain, body and mind.

Cannabinoids are synthetic chemicals that are extremely potent and not infrequently tens and up to hundreds of times more potent than ordinary cannabis. Furthermore, cannabinoids are often full agonists while THC is only a partial agonist. This most likely interferes with the endogenous cannabinoid neurotransmitters as well as causing a strong influence on the CB-1 and CB-2 receptors. Receptors of CB-1 are mainly found in the brain with placement on neurons in the limbic system that, among other things, handle emotions and memory capacity. This, in turn, leads if you start from ordinary cannabis to emotional disturbances and impaired memory. If we instead relate to extremely much more powerful cannabinoids that either directly or selectively affect CB-1 and CB-2, we can assume that the brain will respond to this as well.

Furthermore, it is interesting about cannabinoids, which differ from tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabinol in ordinary cannabis, that cannabinoids in many cases contain different forms of chemical compounds; which means that the substances are modified by fluoridation, bromination, chlorination, additions of methyl or ethyl groups and so on. Among other things, it has emerged that fluorine can be very harmful and it is probably not particularly useful for the body to be fully pumped with these chemical compounds without much reason. Many have reported here both on Flashback and on foreign forums about how they experience kidney problems, tremendous stomach problems, heavy sweating, psychotic mental problems and so on. not everyone is affected by the problems. I am not trying to somehow protect another drug by downgrading cannabinoids and have nothing against either the person smoking them or smoking them myself. However, it is very important to keep in mind that these substances can probably harm you properly if you are disrespectful to them.
“Web drug spice increases:” Become a zombie “

Effects of spice

Side effects / adverse effects of acute intoxication:

• Hypertension

• High pulse

• Agitation / anxiety

• Anxiety

• Panic attacks

• Acute psychosis and confusion

• Feeling of not getting air

• Chest pain

• Heart attack

• Cramps

• Unconsciousness

Side effects / damage after a period of use:

• Affects the body’s immune system, which increases the risk of infection and presumed increased exposure to carcinogenic development

• Metal taste is common

• In case of overdose, the person in question may get nosebleeds, faint and cough blood

• Paranoia

• Excessive hunger feelings

• Creates a physical and mental addiction in a short time, with severe withdrawal

Online drug spice is increasing in Gothenburg among high school students.

Now social services, health care and school should learn more about the drug, which gives serious side effects.You can become like a zombie, says teacher Thomas Lundqvist. “

Have many friends who have ruined their lives because of spice. I never got stuck with them myself, as I consider my psyche too strong to get caught in such a fucking junk drug

evil; Spice is deadly, no if & but or shortcuts here & there. It is extremely addictive and harmful to the body. 2 ” acquaintances ” think yes cold they, since they are no longer just pounds, are sitting on treatment for it right now, but progress is minimal even after about 8 months time.

Don’t start smoking the shit, if you haven’t even tested them, they won’t either! Stick to CB, it pays off in the long run, has had some really nasty snow ignitions on just spice where yes have thought yes will die but yeah don’t know how dangerous it is in itself I would stay away from it, It is not helpful, and there are confirmed deaths on some types of chemicals, most abroad though.
But really, people die from alcohol as well, not to mention tobacco, people decide for themselves what they are pushing but one thing is certain, you usually use very synthetic cannabinoids and / or for a longer period of time, the body then feels.

I advise people to smoke weed instead, such things have not even been good in effect even since there were gold, diamond, genie, el nino and the like, and the effects today’s users can only dream of (2-10h intoxication with possibly a slight hangover and toughness as a result).

Now you get a maximum of 30min skiing, which is more like an acute illness and damaged kidneys and poor liver values ​​at best instead, it is not worth it.

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