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Some reviews about DPT/MAOi combinations.

I assume most you that DPT is quite comparable to DMT, and is regularly referred to as the “darker” DMT. So I’ll ignore any exposition about DPT. So my question is, has every person right here ever taken DPT with any shape of a MAOi? Here are some reviews about DPT/MAOi combinations.

“DPT / Syrian Rue – What They Call An Asswhooping” with the aid of “TheAppleCore”

“2.5 g Syrian Rue bloodless tea, & 15 mg DPT HCl. I’m now not positive why it was once so a good deal more severe than 2 g Syrian Rue tea and 15 mg DPT, however pretty maybe because I ate a bit of bread and olive oil after the Rue this time, which helped my body soak up it lots more thoroughly. Or maybe the greater 500 mg of Rue made all the difference.

It likely could’ve been a noticeably pleasurable trip if now not for the intense nausea. I was bound and decided to break out the sickness – two fingers down the throat is all I need to say. Sadly, it seemed to relieve me not, and I was once stuck.

I seemed at myself in the lavatory mirror. I determined my “fucked up” expression. I used to be almost uncomfortable with my own reflection, as if it were some second self, judging me in some way. I spoke to myself, and all I ought to eke out sounded like the tired whisper of an historic man. I unexpectedly imagined the extensive distances of house that spanned out in each and every direction. In that moment, it used to be all nothing greater than an big trap. The ideal storm.

I laid down, and commenced what felt like an interminable experience on some sort of twisted comic story of a roller coaster, imagined by means of pure evil. My psychological approaches have been heavily affected. DPT had somehow wormed its way into my basic manner of questioning and perceiving in a very deep and indispensable way, and logic began to substantially break down.

Interestingly, I acquired to truly look at the very phenomenon of psychedelics that I used to be describing until now that day, which was once the butterfly effect – a minor impact gradually creating and evolving within a gadget till it will become a foremost transformation. Every time I had a thought, it would be magnified into the most severe plausible sketch of itself, so that literally each idea that handed into my focus step by step advanced into an unbearable chaos, till I “snapped” out of it, and the cycle would begin again. For instance, I be mindful a notion about intercourse step by step grew to become into some sort of substantial and demonic orgy that performed out in my mind’s eye, whereby all people used to be screaming with masochistic painful pleasure.

On the plus side, it appeared that this painful process was once at least giving me a very special window into the cogs and gears of my mind. I was once clearly gazing visualizations of intellectual procedures that normally continue to be hidden deep within the subconscious. Sadly, all logic and reasoning used to be so severely distorted that it used to be very, very difficult to continue whatever smart from the torrent of information. But, I do recall a couple of things. For example, I noticed that, at least in some cases, this technique of magnifying principles to the excessive was once a logical device – I used to be instinctively using it in a process of reductio advert absurdum. I was imagining the most excessive consequences of hypothetical realities, and if these penalties had been truely absurd and impossible, I had grounds for disregarding the hypothesis.

I also remember some cool visions of the future. I be aware a vision of a man looking into a computer screen, and it was once a database of all sensible lifestyles in the universe that had managed to tap into “hyperspace”, and for that reason turn out to be a member of the trans-galactic alliance. Humans had tapped into hyperspace through DMT, however each of the limitless life varieties had done so through some very special capability or technologies. The man was once swiping his fingers across the contact screen, and scrolling thru a 3D visualization of the universe, and each locale of intelligent life used to be highlighted with a bright blue spot in the map.”

“Everything Flows Together” via “Dipropyl-Huaska”

“DOSE: 6.0g – ORAL – Syrian Rue – (Tea)

DOSE: ??? – SMOKED – Cannabis – (Plant material)

DOSE: 40mg – INSUFFLATED – DPT – (Powder/Crystals)”

The file reads as, “Time: 8:00Dose: 6 gram cup of brewed Syrian RU Tea. Boiled down to about 2 sips ingested.

Oncoming effects: inside 15-30minutes, seen nicely after 45minutes and properly observed after some marijuana.

Time:9:00Dose: 40 mg Diprophyltryptamine insufflatedOncoming effects: inside 5 minutes, robust effects stepped forward for the subsequent 2 hours

Time:10:46 – still experiencing robust results at its peak, got here down via 11:30

Mental Effects: Auditory, Visionary Hallucinations, Pattern Shifts, Change in perception, High resolutions colors, Lucid intervals, Euphoria, Empathy, Sympathy, Paranoia, Mind blowing experiences, fifth dimensions, countless spirals (fractals), feeling of the whole thing flows collectively in the limitless spiral.

In a nut shell, it was like my favourite wood curler coaster that misplaced control, derailed, then smashed into a brick wall, compared to like a merry go round that is.

Physical Effects: anxiety, rapid heart beat, shakes, chills, jaw clenching, sexually interesting, sensations, emotions of gastric bubbles being released threw pores and skin (mental?), numbness, loss of emotions of physique parts, scattered speech.

After some experiences with DPT, and with Syrian Rue, which carries Harmala, an MAO inhibitor, me and some buddies decided to try Dipropyl-Huasca I would say, but it was a little extra extreme, I do no longer endorse for all of us to attempt this, MAOI’s are dangerous, and have limits when being on them, lookup into them earlier than deciding to mix them with ANY substance.

Anyway we comprehend the MAOI acted as an inhibitor, and via ingesting some Syrian Rue tea, a lot much less DPT would get us all to the fullest effects, so it was five of us, we each drink the tea, the style wasn’t good, tasted like a cup full of pills, but I’ve had worse, an hour later we decided it used to be time to take the DPT, we in no way determined any web sites or day out reports here of insuffalation with an MAOI, only ingestion of large doses. We estimated 20 mg would be enough. Our scale wasn’t accurate, and the lines got here to round 40 mg each.

After it was once up it took keep particularly quick, i was nevertheless getting drips when I seen a mushroom like feeling where the air was rushing like a river, it used to be coming on fast, and we had been taking part in it, I asked my buddy if he desired to go outside so we went into the outside the place the temperature trade only made it work harder, being backyard at night and in the rain the visionary results have been extraordinary, but I used to be feeling very weird, and it had solely been about 10 minutes after I had taken it, we got here again into the house, and here is where things started out getting crazy.

My power was once too powerful, I had to much of it, and the trade of temperature from heat to bloodless to i did not be aware of anymore threw off any stability I had left with myself, I admit I felt like I lost it, and I guess the others did too, I observed my friend convulsing, I had shakes too specially from the temperature change, I used to be getting way tripped out, My pal would give an explanation for it as, you were watching for the walls of the room to fall and at the back of it see cameras and the directors set. We all had been freaked out, we knew we took to much. I sensed horrific feelings, I sensed others around me getting ailing and dropping there stomachs, to my disappointment all in my stomach have been some very robust upsetting tea, and red stuff (1% grape juice), so I lost it as well. It is never enjoyable throwing up in the middle of an severe trip, now not to mention the hallucinations didn’t help, and the I didn’t know what used to be going on either. I did not make much to the toilet, I tried cleansing up my own mess, however it was once making me sicker being in the bathroom, and when i tried wiping it up it just felt like a thick pink slime, additionally even the fact I used to be throwing up didn’t upset me but the hallucinations, Auditory had me running in and out of the toilet making an attempt to answer question, and reply to people who weren’t even there. I had to smooth it up when matters calmed down, not for any other hour or so, earlier than i could even reenter that room. So the lavatory wasn’t a exceptional place, 3 out of the 5 of us received sick, this was once from the Syrian Rue.
I’ve thinking a lot about this combination, though I have no longer tested it. One reason being that DPT is a monster of a psychedelic, and potentiating appears like asking for a beat-down. If I had been to strive it in the future, I would inhibit my MAO first, and then titrate the DPT thru vaporizing or rectal administration to gauge the effects. I wouldn’t just swallow them both and hope for the best.

The other reason I’m wary is that I can’t shake the suspicion that DPT has substantial serotonin releasing or reuptake inhibiting activity, which is a big no-no when blended with an MAOI.

Granted, RIMAs like moclobemide or beta-carbolines aren’t as risky as nonselective irreversible MAOIs, but still. I’ve by accident overdosed on DPT and it was once scary. Not awful day out scary, however rather, “I’ve made a massive mistake and may be experiencing more than one organ failure and forthcoming cardiac arrest” scary.

I’ve been very cautious with it since. It is totally possible for DPT to be lethal, in contrast to many other psychedelics. Tread with caution.

DPT was a complete ego disillusion, and for awhile we had been just existing, and we knew it, I felt the world and power off everything, and it gave me now not much sympathy, over-all the experience gave me the fact of the world being more than human, Recreationally at the same dose with no MAOI is a better time, with smoother ride, however this used to be some time out I’ll tell you that. This file is just to exhibit what to anticipate if you figure out to attempt DPT with an MAOI, now not the point out threw the insufflation route, do not assume to be capable to do much, we could not even handle looking at a cartoon. Total time of the day trip about an hour and a 1/2 followed by using the DPT buzz-high feeling following that for some other few hours. The most extreme outing I ever had, extra than Ayahuasca, however less pleasant, some who I was with in contrast it more to 5-MeO-DMT, however it was Dipropyltryptamine a very majestic synthetic compound.”

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