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I do not understand what I ingested.

Most importantly, I comprehend this might be against network rules yet I need this data from a network that is for this given gathering of synthetic concoctions. this is my subsequent time utilizing noids, first time it was “c-fluid” or whatever containing 5F-CUMYL-PINACA. I endured possibly 3 shots and felt like I had smoked an ounce of weed however I could even now work and live it up.

Recently I found a pack of “home grown incense” on a bicycle ride and chose to check if there was anything in it, and sure enough there was perhaps 1/8 of ONE GRAM in that sack. I take it home and burden it into a pipe I made out of tinfoil. I did that since I didn’t have anything else that would hold such a modest quantity of said incense. I endured one shot since that is everything I could take and held it in. I breathed out and layed down on my bed as I began to buzz and sound got far off.

Now I think I nodded off and had a clear dream that I was given mushrooms and put in an augmented experience set. I woke up to my family encompassing me shaking me, anyway I believed this was a piece of the reenactment. I fell back sleeping and was woken up once more, this time heaving and shaking. I think I hit somebody. I started pawing my face and arms to get the computer generated experience gear off (WHICH WASN’T THERE). I think I passed out once more. I woke up again being hauled outside where I must’ve sat for 5 hours gesturing all through an extraordinary dream or perhaps a clear mind flight where I was battling physical sound with my very own physical sound (The sound was a geometrical mass of mass). the following thing I realized I was washing up and resting.

Does anybody know what the heck I took dependent on that report? pm me for more data on the off chance that you need it. Despite everything i’m out of it even a day after.

could be any cannabinoid? The portion makes the toxic substance.

Mixes particularly are untrustworthy and conflicting and hazardous and you may have hit a hotspot.

it was the base of the pack so it was likely the most focused last squeeze. anyway it was staggering how little of an amount messed me up so hard. truly a stem and four drops of oregano or some shit.Well definitely with some cannabinoids being dynamic beneath 0.1mg…Literally more strong than LSD and fentanyl at times.5F-CUMYL-PINACA is one of the most powerful ones.

Continuously purchased mine in powder structure. You can simply break up them in PG or VG and vape in any ecig (“c-fluid” isn’t rocket science).I never went for the madly powerful ones however; for the most part in the 1-5mg territory. Lessens the danger of inadvertent overdoses.5cl-adb-an is dynamic at 20-50 micrograms.Basically any noid that is lawful in the US right currently does that. and I’m almost certain there is just 2 legitimate starting at right now that are any great.

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