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I smoke large amounts of SCs, dangerous?

In the last 2 months I have smoked really much spice, around 200 – 400g homemade on acetone and tee. have smoked a lot of cannabis before I started smoking spice because of regular pee tests. The cannabis period I smoke is 5f-akb48. Lately I’ve been sore in my gums, sore throats when swallowing, and feel uncomfortable in my lungs sometimes. I can imagine that spice is not good in such large quantities. But how dangerous is it? There is not much research in the area so would avoid smoking for long periods. Stick to Cannabis or nothing. That is my opinion, you never know what can happen. Better be safe before it’s too late. Having looked around, it’s damn perfectly harmless. Red Prince is fucking worse. Problems with the gums? Vitamin deficiency. Thick a vitamin c tube. Nobody knows exactly how dangerous synthetic cannabinoids are. If you get painful symptoms that you think are coming from your spice use, I recommend you to quit, since no one really knows how dangerous it can be in the long term. What the hell have you checked then? side effects, and new threads come up daily with people wondering about new problems emerging. I say like anyone else on this forum; Take a break for a week a little now and then so you notice if you start to get stuck in an addiction, because this is not just putting down after a longer use. Nobody can answer, precisely because it is called RC drugs (Research chemicals ) .. But who knows, as substances are classified, new ones will come .. Well a chem that people start to “insta die” in the end.You are probably not in any danger of death but of course it is not good … How do you feel mentally? Feels like you should be completely ruined by such large amounts of spice. Otherwise, you will notice for yourself what side effects you get and you can decide when it is not worth it anymore. I would have paused if I had a pain in the lungs.There is not so much documented about the different Cannabinoids yet (partly because they are so new, but also because there are so damn many) so it is difficult to give you a straight answer, but it is a part that has become very burnt by smoking smoke mixes.I really do not understand why you even smoke that rat poison from the beginning. but I have to say that I agree with you anyway. Been there when people smoked spice and it looked most tragic. Smoking lots of chemicals to get a little drowsy for 30 min. It is potentially fatal to smoke “spice”. You are one of the first in the world to take the substance and if you will develop e.g. skeletal cancer or a brain tumor in 2 years nobody can say, because no one knows. Until all the side effects are discovered and mapped you are a guinea pig and no one can say what will happen.
Feels pretty risky to give up on experimental drugs.
Don’t smoke the shit, not even once more.

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