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If you don’t drink, smoke weed or do any drugs recreationally

If you don’t drink, smoke weed or do any drugs recreationally, good for you.I mean logically I’m better than the crack addict down the street That doesn’t make you better than people who do though.
I often see people with this ‘Holier than thou’ attitude toward those who do partake in recreational use and just like, stop it. Makes you look like an asshole and no one cares you feel superior being sober 24/7,You’re right, but it depends on the drug, and what made them an asshole in the first place. I definitely became a better person after I started doing psychedelics. I don’t think they’re a miracle drug, but I do think they had a part in it, if for no other reason than in order to be mentally and emotionally capable of doing them as often as I did you need to develop a mindset that I’ve found to be very helpful even when sober.To all the people saying “self control,” you’re kind of begging the question. Would you say that people who refuse to ever run under any circumstances is a better person because they have more self control? No, because nobody thinks running makes you a bad person. OP is arguing that doing drugs doesn’t inherently make you a bad person, so saying “yes it does, because not stopping yourself from doing drugs makes you a bad person” is basically the same as just saying “no u”.Who’s exhibiting more self control in this picture: The person whose tried drinking and smoking but doesn’t care for it and doesn’t ever feel the desire to do it or the person who does like to do it but makes sure they don’t do it too much? Right now I’m practicing more self control than the person who doesn’t drink because they think it’s a sin or something.We need to stop looking down on those that regulate themselves with drugs. This is a normal and ubiquitous human behavior. Yes, addiction has negative effects. Yes there are perhaps better alternatives. But is that a reason to hate people or think less of them? Maybe life is hard and somebody that chooses to regulate their mood with cannabis, caffeine, or micro-dosing is just trying to cope with the daily stressors of life. That doesn’t mean they deserve punishment. Granted, this is more a description of dependence than addiction. It still shouldn’t be something we punish people for. People with dependencies and addictions need help. Not hate.People can be healthy and pieces of shit so your first point doesn’t matter. People who do drugs also exhibit self control. I know plenty of people who indulge in many different things but don’t let it destroy their lives, they are able to do it at appropriate times and put it back down. Desire is temptation and the one choosing not to act on it has more self-control than the one who allows himself to fall into temptation. If you don’t drink or smoke to excess then why do it at all? Having unhealthy habits for no reason is the worst kind of no self-control. At least people who get drunk or high do it for those exact effects and because they want to or it’s a compulsory habit. They’re still no better than the one who doesn’t drink or smoke at all.

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