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If you want to stop smoking spice but can’t cope with abstinence check here!

Have a little anxiety because I myself sold the fanfare spice to many people and was thinking of trying to help some of you who can’t stop to ease my anxiety a bit.

I smoked spice in diseased quantities (between 20-60 grams of finished spice every day) for about a year until I realized as many of you are sure that it is not possible to smoke spice if you can do something other than just smoke in their life. But when you realize it and want to quit, it’s a hell of: sweating like a pig’s vomit like a pig (every ten minutes I spit) you can’t eat or sleep and all you can think of is spice. So it was up to me until I came up with this super light idea to get rid of abstinence.

Smoke cannabis for 2-4 days because the spice and cannabis settle on the same receptors in the brain so you will not have the abstinence of spice when you smoke grass and because cannabis is not physically addictive you can stop smoking grass after 2-4 days and Your spice withdrawal will be gone and you can start your life again as a normal human being.

Also thought to add that since both cannabis and spice settle on the same receptors in the brain, you will not feel a regular cannabis intoxication when you smoke cannabis when you quit spice, but more a very very light cannabis intoxication but it removes your withdrawal iaf as said ! And for those of you wondering, it took about 2-3 weeks from I quit spice until I started feeling a regular cannabis drink again!

Please spread this to your friends / share on facebook or other social media as many as possible can see this!

Courage if I put this thread wrong then please move and I apologize.

It may not be proven by research that this works! But for both me and everyone I know who tested this method, it worked great! and then this is just a “guide” to how to get rid of abstinence not about how to stay away from the spike then it is about willpower!
Then I think you misunderstood me when you say that “none of the remnant you know doesn’t feel any suction at all today, but the opposite” the time to end. But also think it is very strange that you complain that I made this “guide” as I only did it to try to help people get away with an abuse of the most disgusting drug available (in my opinion). But we are all very different……

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