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Important strange spice intoxication

Today I and a few Polarians came and softly joined a friend. Suddenly, one of my polar bears pulled out a small bag of spice so we smoked 3-4 hols for 2.5 hours. The first hole struck when it is always the best. So we decided that after that we would go out and walk a little on a forest trail type 200m from where we were. We took some holk there and it hit it well. When we got home we felt damn lopsided so we took one and then we would go to bed. But after that, it started to feel as if my head was starting to swell up, and I began to see and hear strange sounds and movements. Fyfan what warped you became haha ​​aja sober until now. But to the question, is this normal / has it ever happened to you? Spice can be overdosed on unlike Cannabis. When you overdose on spice you may think that all sorts of strange things happen. So most likely you took a little too much in a little too little time. Stick to “the real deal” is my tip. In addition, you may have taken too much. It is not CB we are talking about. You can also die in the worst case. TS: It sounds like you smoked AB FUBINACA, I know more who got such feelings in the head, dizziness and unreality feelings, total sensory overload. After all, it only came after the 3-4 spliff or after a few days. Must be a bit of a joke in the current batches because this seems to have happened only recently. The attacks also seem to come almost exclusively in the evening / night, although it was several hours since you smoked, never during the day. It is probably linked to how AB-FUBINACA fuck with sleep, people stop dreaming, sleep for 20 hours, and sometimes wake up completely cold sweaty at night.I think today’s young people are too sensitive to cope..I have smoked spice almost every day since Nov 2015 before its cannabis for about 10 years the problem today is that everyone should make themselves so damn strange as soon as they have taken a drug, they talk about turning off after 3 weeks on spice etc. The drug culture in Sweden is directly embarrassing, i one thread they want everything legal and in the next thread they bully because they smoked the shit..as said embarrassing, Have you even tried the fubben? You started smoking Spice two years after I bought up their stock after it stopped manufacturing. The fub is scary, worse than anything I touched, you feel more poisoned than really awkward. that I only smoked spice a few times. , The smoke mixes only get worse and worse every year. Maybe not just stronger and better. But they become more toxic and sicker. So what you smoked when you started can’t even compare to today’s smoke mixes, Just as you understand what I mean, I have also smoked sp a few years. But can admit that you are a little happy when testing new smoke mixes nowadays

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