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Increased crime after legalization in Colorado

Those who voted for legalization wanted to remove the black market, among other things, but legalization has instead attracted organized crime, it says.

What has happened?
Why is there so much illegal marijuana needed when it is actually legalized? You tell me, I don’t take anything here.

Things to discuss:
Is this just a propaganda news from the anti-cannabis lobby?
If this is true, should more places see increased drug crime and violence, for example in Canada?
Will Colorado now become a cautionary example that causes Swedish politicians to remain in restrictive drug policy, for example? Competition may well be the cause? The black market offers slightly lower prices? Regardless, legalization seems to be a good solution in the long run, yes I hope you are right. Then it will also be strange if you first state that “we have a lot of organized crime now that cannabis is illegal, because you can make money from it” …. so we legalize and then we also get increased crime? In the long run, the criminals lose out on it, as they face competition. It is safer to trade grass in a store than to go to a longer corner of the intersection. Then there is a moral aspect to it all, those with different kinds of illnesses where grass facilitates their suffering need not be hunted as criminals anymore. Which happens in countries where grass is illegal. The most important thing is that criminals do not have a monopoly, because through monopoly you get the big profits. Strongly agree with you, but wonder if the news affects something in Colorado in the long run and if it gets any impact in the Swedish debate? Know that, for example, the Drugs Association (a lobby group) highlights such “dangers” of legalization, I thought the increased crime in Colorado after the legalization of cannabis was very interesting and not at all unexpected. The hope that serious criminals would end up with drug stores if cannabis were legalized appears just as a pious hope and a naive dream.

Why would criminals end up with drug stores if cannabis was legalized? What has happened instead is that Colorado is not just flooded with cannabis, but criminals are investing in heavier drugs instead. And demand for heavier drugs has increased, as cannabis acts as a gateway to heavier drugs for many people.

It would be just crazy to legalize cannabis in Sweden. Here is the Swedish variant of fake news. I, for one, have not argued that the black market would cease completely. It would be crowded. We have black markets for the most part even though it is legal. But if it is between totally illegal and legal, then the black market will be significantly larger if a total ban.

“but it has become the other way round”

How do you know? how reliable are your measurements of the black market? And vice versa? Has it gotten bigger? Source of it.

So if you say that legalization has not meant that the black market has completely ceased to exist then you are right. A black market will usually (if not always) exist, although there is a legal market for it. Should we ban alcohol because there is a black market? Should we ban people from building houses because there are craftsmen who work black?

In normal order, so are good at joining the state’s leash. No critical issues. Sunny agenda. Yawn.

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