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Is it feasible to realize synthetic cannabinoids in weed?

A buddy of a friend offered a fairly large amount of high-quality cheap weed for 1€/g. It looks simply dark/brown and smells like low first-rate weed, however no chemical/weird smells. It also taste like no longer that suitable weed, the high it’s quite powerful, almost like regular grass and the impact is mellow and doesnt provide that a whole lot anxiousness like weed generally do for me.
So I was wondering if there are any way to know if it’s laced with synthetic cannabinoids or other chemicals, due to the fact appears sincerely weird to locate pretty true weed at this ridiculous price (down here price of weed vary from 7€ to 13€ ),I have considered stuff that seemed and smelled like crap but the buzz used to be great. it tends to be priced primarily based on presentation, so if it appears like junk and smells like junk, it is going to be cheap, even if it works actually well.Prob would not lace shit weed… You would lace mediocre weed that appears good to up the rate from b grade to pinnacle shelf. Cost fine wise you count on $1g to be shit weedno motive to fake itI’ve had this brownish brickweed lookin bullshit that was sturdy af I don’t suppose it was once spice because I smoked it with the dude who had it and tasted/smelled fine,The one who buys your pal is shit grass, they don’t put artificial cannabinoids but they reduce it with shit like negative glass and ammonia, let that shit stick to your Genius and just, Between smoke for years and I guarantee you that the impact and the classic one of the grass, for this I asked. Glass is used to expand the weight of light and voluminous grass, and I do not recognize how tons it ought to make feel on a grass of one euro per g.Maybe it may want to surely include ammonia but I do not know, does the grass reduce with the latter scent like ammo? And anyway, red-eyed too, ammo does it too? That I know is without a doubt an impact of cannabinoids. Ammonia feels it when you smoke it but if you do not sense it there isn’t. For the relaxation I don’t know, the black grass offers a unique and disgusting effect from the classic weeda and if you say that it is the same, it will likely be a bit ancient grass, the plantation waste that may additionally have been there for a while, because of sure the synthetics cost too tons to put them on a 1 € per g herb, from the look and precisely “ganja negro”, the type delivered it from Puglia and was given to him as Albanian herb, I additionally thinking it was waste grass due to the fact otherwise the fee is now not explained (I choose the parcel grass as lengthy as it is natural), And anyway no, there is no way to see if they put synthetic crap in it but I don’t suppose it would be worth it !

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