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Issues are being aggravated by weed

I feel like a lot of people smoke weed to deal with issues, when in reality those issues are being aggravated by weed.The obvious one here is anxiety. I know plenty of people who say weed helps them with anxiety, yet in most cases when they stop smoking it’s far less of a problem. I thought weed made me more creative, only to quit smoking and become as creatively productive as I have been in years. Don’t deceive yourself.I think both are true and the key is balance, I’ve found. As soon as you feel you NEED to get high to deal with your social engagement or to get the creative juices flowing, you’ve lost that balance. It’s really hard to navigate.
With the help of this sub, I’ve given up weed entirely for 6 months and now only very occasionally use it (a year since I stopped) I dont buy it, I dont trust myself enough yet to not give in to the idea that everything is better high so I may as well get high.My partner gave me the smallest amount last week and I smoked it solo at home on Saturday. I got 1 joint out of it and smoked it over the entire day. I had no plans for the day and it was really to see how I’d deal during and afterwards. And before really because I had the jit of weed for 4 days before I actually touched it. That in itself was a win. On saturday I rolled the joint while I was having my morning coffee and felt driven and productive so I got totally absorbed in building a huge spreadsheet for my budget. Then in the evening my ear caught a random song that was playing on the radio and then I went on a musical journey for a couple of hours.It was really enjoyable. I’d love to maintain this relationship with weed rather than always feeling like “I need ot to relax”. I dont.With the help of this sub, I’ve given up weed entirely for 6 months,I’m at the start of a major cut down. From a gram a day down to maybe a couple of grams a month.It’s going to be very rough, I’m in a deep deep hole and I’ve fallen while trying to climb out many times before.This sub has just really been motivating and supportive in comments to me and other redditors.I feel like there’s some stigma around weed both when you give it up from stoners and when you’re a stoner by those who don’t smoke and this place made me feel like my experience trying to give it up was valid.In a more practical sense I’ve gotten many tips on how to have the best chance at success. Switching to cbd flower made it a lot more bearable. It has also allowed me to come to terms with the fact that moderation is absolutely a possibility but only with diligence and the occasional set back. When I started my break in January I found this sub helpful in finding ways to find more restful sleep, and how to deal with the constant irritability.You got the type of relationship with weed that I want. Ive tried to quit a couple times this year and have not manage to pass 1 week. My friends are the type that keeps saying they need to smoke before sleep and they always want to get super high all the time. Hanging around people with that mindset has made it very hard. But this sub is totally different. You all think the same as me and its much easier this time when I have a daily reminder on which path I really want to go.

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