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It is like a opioid?

Anyone who agree that 5f-mdmb-2201 is like a opioid?
CB2 and CB1 agonism indirectly activates opioid receptors. Better selectivity towards CB2 agonism = greater opioid-like effect.I just got a batch. I put it on Kratom leaf. The 1st toke I could tell I was going to get high. The 2nd toke made me start giggling because everything that ran through my mind was funny. The third toke I was in absolute euphoria! The only thing missing is a sensual high. I found it to be very relaxing and took away all my pain. It was very fun. No bad after effects whatsoever.that what I use Kratom Damiana. But the last 2 vhems I got were laced with meth and the other some kind of opiate. I got busted doing a ua and now I have to go to drug counseling. So I have to find a chem that won’t show up in a ua. Would you happen to know which chem I need? Thanks for you input.Mmb chimica had opiod effects. But yeah the noid youre talking about and all other newer noids are about as strong as heroin in terms of effects, it’s just that it lasts only 10 or 15 mins.I don’t know what opioid feels like, but I know that I smoke 20 grams of it in less then 1 month and I was so strange that I was even hearing voices on the street that seem to so real.No batch falling from that cloud. Just got mine last week. I ran another UA test came up negative all the way.
New batch of 5f-mdmb-2201 has opiates in it. Did a drug urinalysis test and it verifies it’s an opiate. Hey I didn’t think synthetics are supposed to show up in a regular store bought drug test kit
No noid is like opioids. they dont even target the same kind of receptors

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