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IUPAC: (2S)-methyl-2-(1-(cyclohexylmethyl)-1 H-indol-3-ylcarbonylamino)-3,3-dimethylbutanoate

Although looking at BB and BRC… they both have different structures displayed.
BRC show it as an indole, BB show it as an indazole. 
Although The IUPAC on both is the same and would be the indole.

A few vendors offer it now, anyone tried it already?

I’m not sure why they went for it as AB-FUBINACA and AB-CHMINACA are both amazing and legal and only recently THJ-018 and THJ-2201 came out – whatever, a higher selection never hurts!

So what are your thoughts on it? 🙂

EDIT 2016:

This chemical is actually MDMB-CHMICA. MMB-CHMINACA is a misleading name by incompetent vendors.

Anyway, it is extremely potent (active under 0.1mg), so be goddamn careful with it.

I got this stuff in the mail yesterday and while the research proved extremely powerful i’m not sure this is one that is close to its *ahem* “cousin”. Still looking for that one out of this new batch – at the moment the new patent pending c-liquid if by far the best yet.

I took about half mg or maybe even a quater and vaped from foil its taste isn’t bad at all maybe felt something but wasn’t sure and carried on my ways. 

About half hour later in a conversation I realised suddenly that I was very pleasantly affected in a way that is in a way many would recognize. It however was only getting stronger.

It made it feel like my mouth and fingers and legs cant really communicate with my brain very well as all these actions are hindered, balance, speech, typing . 

lasted about 2 hours before I re-dosed  that was interesting, crazy crazy daydreams to the point of insanity. this stuff gave my imagination some kind of turbo charge, kinda uncomfortable really. 

all in all if you stay low (few specs) its nice, but any more and it will make you talk and behave like a MORON if you go any higher.

This stuff is bat shit crazy strong I know from experience. I also suspect this might be what grabbed WAS’s mates so hard.

Never in the history of noids has their been a more ridiculously potent one.

And it’s a full 5f style mouth foam loss of personality permanent semi confusion nightmare.

I almost took a big couple of tokes and were it not for WAS’s timely warning surely would have done. We were at a barbeque in a large garden, the kids and less adventurous females had retired and some bright lad produces a number. Didn’t see it made so don’t know strength or brand but insisted he tell me the chem asap.

Basically, about three minutes after a couple of normal inhalations, peoples heads sagged, mouths hung open, flight or fight kicked in and soon after there wasn’t a shrub in the garden that didn’t contain a terrified madman promising God never to do it again.

Recovery times ranged from fifteen minutes to two hours. Noone shouted encore.

Recovered responses ranged from a wish to snap the guy who’d made the joint. Difficult since he actually legged it. Some were angry enough to hunt down the source for some calm manly words the next day !

there are various reports of 1:25 and 1:30 blends also being too strong in one way or another. It is noted that a 1:40 blend is being sold in Germany, but few reports on it can be found. 

Reports over on Flashback are mixed on 1:60, with tolerant users finding it “perfect” at first but blending stronger over time (the same poster suggests 1:80 for general purpose use), whilst other users report unwelcome side effects after a couple of weeks use at 1:60. There are positive reports of both short-term and mid-term use without ill effects; the balance of the reports seems to suggest that a 1:50 or 2% blend will be strong even for experienced users of spice, and 1:100 or 1% is more suitable for anyone without a tolerance. 

It is also stated unequivocally and with some consensus that blending this at 5% or more is “almost a guarantee that you either die or get hurt”. There are multiple, strongly negative reports of consuming even 30-50mg doses of a 5% blend.

So, where does that leave us? It does seem that the great majority of the negative reports relate to accidental overdoses, and that there are some positive reports of using and enjoying MMB-CHMINACA over periods ranging from a few weeks to a few months. I am not yet convinced as to whether this is a horror cannabinoid, or whether it is dangerous only because of an exponential increase in potency.

Let us digress for a minute, and observe that a recent C-liquid contains just 0.21% of the active cannabinoid, so 2.1g per litre, or 2.1mg per ml. Users have found it active with one or two puffs, a dose of the order of one hundredth of a millilitre, which is ~ 21 micrograms of the active compound. Therefore, it is credible that there are cannabinoids on the market that are active in the low microgram range, and it should not be a surprise if MMB-CHMINACA is active at similar levels.

Making that assumption, and taking the 1% blend as a starting point, we’d have 10mg of active compound per gram and a 100mg joint would therefore contain 1mg of MMB-CHMINACA. That still looks unsafe to me; such a joint would be consumed in 10-12 hits, so a single hit could yield 75-100 micrograms (not allowing for losses to combustion), which might still be sufficient to put the user in a bad place.

Therefore, even if starting with a 1:100 blend, it would make sense to sample it at a dose of not more than 25mg in a spliff, so that each hit delivers 20-25 micrograms. Of course, the safest option would be not to sample it at all, and definitely not to sample it without knowing the strength of the blend. Meanwhile, if you’re going to (and I’m thinking about it, have 3 grams in the freezer), dose carefully.

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