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Most Subtle and enjoyable noid?

i’m educated on RC’s i use them everyday almost. but haven’t even had cannabinoids pass my mind. Now, i use to smoke week day-to-day however it changed for me and now the intellectual consequences it has i hate, just makes me sense weird and anxious, and makes me twitch. SO…. is there a noid that has indica type leisure however little to no action on the intellectual side?so basically what i’m looking for doesn’t exist? i’ve battles addiction my total life and beat every single one. i’m confident in my self control abilities so i am now not issues about that. Basically i simply want weed barring the intellectual activity,i’m no beginner to any drug. i simply love smoking weed, like it is just such an iconic factor and it relaxes me (or used to) and i sense like a junkie when all i do is RC’s. so i just a herb i can smoke with little to no intellectual effects,
pay attention to Senior pass day, by way of Mac Miller. makes me simply wanna sit lower back relax and light up a joint. but i cant do that anymore without feeling off.
I’d say maybe 5F-MDMB-PICA aka 5F-MDMB-2201 as it is stated to be pretty sedating and opioid like in the results branch and I’ve also heard 5CL-ADB-A is some other sedating one though I’ve heard humans on Flashback Forum say it is psychedelic so I’m not completely positive about the latter one.Btw both noids are quite amazing and dosed in the microgram vary so be cautious with them.i hated it due to the fact of the externally strong intellectual effects. i am simply looking for sedation like indica however as little intellectual consequences as possible. essentially like kratom if you ought to smoke it.Give hemp flower a shot. It looks and smells like the dankest of the dank, seedless indoor organic standard fare. I usually pay $50 an ounce. It’s very slight and relaxing but there is no high, due to the fact it must comprise less than .3% THC in order to qualify as industrial hemp. It’s absolutely felony you can pay with your credit card and pick it out of your mailbox 2 – three commercial enterprise days later. Try D&D Farms, now not a big decision but very exact quality and prices. They also seal the authentic bag it’s stored in and seal it some other after. No smell and constantly packaged discreetly. Carts are always fantastic too and very discreet.THC is simply one chemical amongst many in the plant. CBD is obviously psychoactive, but it does not get you high.I have not tried that many noids…JWH-210 has definitely no cerebral effect, its all bodystone, i smoked it for a month, its great, but after a month i used to be getting a bit bored, so i now add sgt-25, to get some cerebral activity…If you look at the ec50 price at cb1 and cb2 receptors, you need to appear for a noid that activates the cb2 greater than the cb1.

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