Updated : Oct 21, 2019 in Cannabinoids

Noids in e-juice and travelling

i am about to tour and marvel if the ionscan of airport protection would possiblyobserve ab-fubinaca in PG e-juice?

my u . s . does nottime table most noids so i dont worry about having it herein my e-cig however othercountries have one of a kind policies. and even if my destinationunited states of america has no agenda for this particular noid i certain dont choose to debate this with airport-security if their ionscanner goes apeshit. (AB-FUBINACA cannabinoids ect..)

I’ve done it a few times with no issues, I just put the c-liquid in an old e-cig juice bottle.

the scanners just detect different types of material like metal vs plastic vs liquid, so it will basically just look like any ecig juice. I know many people take things like c02 pens on planes without any hassle.

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