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Perfect sort of vape for noid juice?

Hoping to get a vape explicitly for noid purposes. I believe it’d be truly cool to have the option to prefilled a lot of juul cartridges however would an ordinary bigger box mod vape be better for vaping noids? Or on the other hand would either work fine as long as I alter the juice solidarity to the agreeing vape? I will utilize juice I made so the quality can be tweaked by device.I was likewise thinking the noids may screw a curl up quicker so another advantage of juul cases would be the means by which modest they are so I dont need to drop $6+ for another loop continually getting wrecked from the noid juice.Also imagining that as some noids need significantly more PG to remain broke up the hits will be harsher so the littler hits a juul gives would be better.Either will work fine like you said just gotta change solidarity to suite, I vape utilizing a mod around 45w and blend my juice 50/50 PG/VG. I discover it copies out curls alot less then the normal 30/70 PG/VG squeeze however you’ll go through it a piece quicker.Was going to pose same inquiry. Have a juul and sub b. Where to begin with the blend? New to the entire cape thing.All relies upon the noid and which one you’re utilizing it for. Wherever I’ve perused says both work fine. There’s an extremely pleasant guide I found for blend proportions of noids for juuls on here. Can’t connect cause I’m on portable application yet on the off chance that you Google “noid blending guide proportions juul reddit” should come up.Was told utilized trucks can spill in the event that you reload them yet you can get mass void loadable juul trucks on Alibaba for soil cheap.Big box mod truly utilizes your noid juice, however can be placed in any ecig gadget as far as I can tell yet little trucks like ccell just dont five you large enough tears or get sufficiently hot, torment to heft around the enormous person yet damn does it have a universe of an effect.

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