Updated : Oct 23, 2019 in Cannabinoids

Puked from 5F PINACA and Weed

yesterday there was a little party at my house and i got some coke earlier that day so i pulled a couple of lines then chilled smoked some joints and as i was noticing nothing really kicked me i decided to smoke some drops of my 50% Pure 5F-PINACA Liquid. After that i was feeling mad euphoria and just a warm overall feeling

Fast forward 1 1/2 hrs

Me laying on my bed watching series pulling another line smoking a cigarette dipped in 5F, then another joint, in the middle of the joint i thought wtf i have to puke.

Then i puked.

Normally i dont puke from coke + weed or weed + 5F

But never tried coke+5F+weed

(i smoke so much weed its like cigarettes to me so thats not the problem, never puked from weed in 4 yrs)

I pesonally think it came from this combination of upper+downer and you all know that 5F is a strong downer

Or maybe cause of the high Dopamine Rush ?

Someone got an idea ?

Noids often make people puke man. When I was using noids 24/7 I would vomit from it even after years of use. Just one of the side effects when u have a large dose.

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