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Searching out some advice from hard noids mokers.

I need a one hit get scared drop your bag awaken to fimd all of it ocer you bes simply to take another an skip out my fave issue ro son at the weekenda i’ve been amoking random leafs dor 8 yeara pretty robust ahit atuck to at least one seller he knew what i like so i have acesa to those rc now we’ve 5fmdmb2201 4fada 5cladba an goinf to make a liquad any tips help on dosageing it an if there’s a higher 100percent pg betther thn the others?
When I made c-liquid with 4f-adb, i used a small bowl, i installed a capfull of iso-alchohol then around 100mg noid and permit it dissolve, in all likelihood want to stir it a bit, 4f-adb dissolves actual short, jwh-210 does now not, it requires some heat.Then i brought 100ml 50-50 vg/pg, i really like huge clouds so the greater vg the better, in case you use one hundred% pg, you dont get massive clouds.Then blend this on a hotplate, heating detail, or in case you really want to use a water bath, au-bain approach, thats as much as you, or probably more as much as what you could get your hands on, some thing you do, do now not use an open flame,after some time you’ll word the smell of alchohol is long past, it took me approximately 1 hour of warming the answer before i was glad the alchohol had evaporated.
Even then i left it open for every other hour or more to quiet down, nobody wants to vape leftover iso-alchohol.However i nevertheless choose to smoke my home made mixture, for some reason i sense vaping simply doesnt do the trick, so i keep the vape for riding, or different activities i cant smoke.You cant even type stop doing tablets before ur brain stops running absolutely , noids are shit smoke real weed.1g 5f-mdmb-2201 goes on 100g herb.

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