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Smoked synthetic marijuana

Yesterday my friend brought some “weed”, that she got from an old friend of her at full weed price. She is still new to smoking I’ve smoked a couple times before. I saw that it was kind of weird but I’m dumb and didn’t pay much attention to it. She filled a pipe with just a small amount maybe .2 grams and we smoked it. On the second hit I was sure it’s not weed and we immediately stopped. We didn’t feel any effects, and I thought we would be fine. But this morning she felt very dizzy. She couldn’t remember stuff that happened minutes ago. Otherwise she feels fine, but I’m very afraid this might be a problem because of the synthetic shit, is that possible? I don’t really know what to do, who to ask for help, because I’d like to avoid legal trouble if possible. I feel completely fine btw, despite smoking more than she.
I smoked it maybe 10 times without any issues over the course of the 10th grade. Then in the 11th grade I smoked the biggest most disgusting brown milked chute hit, had my first freakout and felt like I was disappearing, my body was being crushed by waves of heat and shock and whenever I closed my eyes I could still see the room but with faces flying at me. It stopped when my friend put his huge headphones around my ears and started playing some kind of fantasy music that instantly made me feel better. But I was still out of it for weeks after that. and that’s when I stopped until I was like 18 or 19 when I felt confident that I wouldn’t freak out and I didn’t.Its going around Philadelphia bc everyone’s on parole and this don’t show up on the testIn Tokyo getting green bud was hard but there was some synthetic mumbo jumbo that they sold downtown and it did actually work to get you high! Then we got a nice bar of hash, for which apparently we would’ve all done three years minimum for being in the vicinity of 12 grams Hash.. crazy laws.. the Japanese can get high on meditating, I’ve always found that impressive,I did used to go to Group Shambhala meditation bc Group Zen was hard to find and a few times I remember hallucinating vividly during the 30 min meditation, and being able to control it a bit.. and they were like in Shambhala we strive to keep our eyes partially open.. and I was like I follow Zen mostly and I strive to close my eyes and fly around like a bird,The brain can do all sorts of trippy things, I’ve always wanted to teach myself lucid dreaming but I smoke pot and nod right out usually and have no dreams.. and actually that’s kinda good because dreams are really freaky and are mostly there to freak you out and think about crazy bullshit like why would grandma drive a tank to the teacher’s house?I’ve 100% had full on hallucinations when meditating. When you sit there long enough your brain just starts to forget that there is anything else but the back of your eyelids. Had an almost out of body like experience where I felt like I was a raindrop falling out of the sky and being sucked up by tree roots. I was driving no sleep 3 nights, filled with adderall and I’ve never been so tripped out. I was at a gas station and two cars drove off and pedestrians walked around and one went in the store to pay., and then I realized there had not been another soul there the whole time.I know someone that went straight into a coma after smoking Spice. They ended up pulling the plug after half a year. Everyone reacts differently to it.
Put it down and never touch that shit again mate. You should see what it’s done to people in my city.

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