Updated : Nov 24, 2019 in Cannabinoids

Smoking cannabinoids despite suffering from severe paranoia?

Smoked akb-48f once and I really didn’t like it. Got lighter paranoia on the devil saw in the mirror blah.
Was a little half nice anyway, but didn’t want to be paranoid. Smoked type half a cig 1.35 of it. Is it too much for one without tolerance?
What is recommended for someone with paranoia? Or should I just shit in everything. Everyday is sad and I have recently experienced a lot of crap. Would like to flee away for a while.But do not want to get on the psyche again.Just want to be a little comfortable do not get completely scared. and avoid the no.
Are cannabinoids crap for us with paranoia? Jaw medicine for paranoia..I think based on your text it seems like a good idea not to smoke any kind of cannabinoids.Spontaneously I think you should stay away from anything recreational drug use without being morally abusive, I would really recommend you to stay away from cannabis and such until further notice. There is something else to worry about if you necessarily want to be. I can only say that you are making the right decision, I can get a little happy myself at high doses of noids and then I am still damn used. Would not recommend it to anyone really, but definitely not if you are paranoid. If you are looking for peace, it is probably sedative to look at, but I know too little about paranoia to say anything really. But noids really don’t seem to be the right substance considering that even healthy people get paranoid about it. Thanks for your response.
It was probably no coincidence that I settled on a half cig with AKB 48. Is it a small dose of mixed 1.35? Zero tolerance … Probably try the MT-45 instead. May we just want to get away from reality, Refrain from all noids, the only thing they give is re-dosing needs and psychoses

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