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Smoking clean damiana crunches?

is anyone who has smoked only damiana crunches then ded should apparently have how much effects if any. did you smoke as in the description, vaporiser or bong, but if it had been a strong intoxication, it would have been illegal, Just a lot of bullshit. Or yes, the effects mentioned are debated and very weak, if they even exist. Read here instead. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turnera_diffusa
Don’t understand why they wrote this, it really makes no difference.
There are a variety of substances that give strong intoxication and are not even classified as dangerous to health.
Slight nausea and possibly some uncomfortable bodyload if you smoke a lot. If you really smoke a lot you can get headaches too.
I’ve done it in a desperate attempt to rush myself.
You get the better effect of a cup of normal green tea. Smoked Damiana today for the first time. I have very little experience with other ‘drugs’. I had drunk a small amount of liquor, about 6 centiliters 40%.
Well, can’t write too much, so it goes straight to the point. I smoke 2 bowls with my bong (Small variant) + half a cigarette that I had replaced with damiana. While I smoked it, I felt how it turned into a little light, felt a bit stoned. Very relaxed effect.
SEN turns it on really well and everything starts spinning, the sight kind of chops back and forth almost like I spun around. It takes a while (No idea how long, anywhere from 30 seconds to 5 minutes) before I notice what is happening. Manages to tell myself what is going on and sees everything as usual in a second then it starts to slip away again. xx number of times I try to clear and succeed in it a second and then become HELBĂ„NG again. If I fix my eyes on something then patterns of all kinds begin to form. Not to mention what I saw if I closed my eyes. Went as well as extremely dry in the mouth, aa conclude that this was anything but a mild sedative effect.
I don’t really understand how this could happen. I had a good time with sleep, do not take any kind of medicine, nothing what I know what can be a contributing factor that it became like this.

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