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Smoking noids in e-cig, does it work?

How does one go about it, practically? Is it perhaps so simple that it is just to pour some powder into the liquid and then flush it on? In such cases, it would be an extremely convenient way to smoke. Another advantage is, of course, that the liquid should effectively mask the least plausible chemical taste that we who smoke the powder can unfortunately endure.
Would this work? Does anyone have an e-cig and some noider on hand maybe you could give it a try? No, you have to dissolve your substance (s) into liquid form before the atomizer can vaporize it. Why did you quote me? I have no interest whatsoever in vaping synthetic cannabinoids. But isn’t that what you do when you pour the powder into the liquid (and shake it a little)? I also have 0 experience to vaporize smoking, always make a spliff or smoke out of bong. But it would work to smoke just noids out of an e-cig would be any good considering how fucking nasty the powder tastes in spliff or bong. If it were to work now. Just because you mix something in a liquid, it does not mean it solves, and since I have neither handled the powders nor have been interested in reading on, I do not know what is required. If you have sadly you can always run the pound model and take some water in a spoon with the powder in and cook. However, you will destroy the atomizer if you do not get a good solution, but they are interchangeable so … What is difficult to know when mixing is whether the substances have really dissolved into the e-juice.
Tex with cannabis, it takes up to 2 months of storage before it has dissolved into the e-juice, and then all you can do is filter out all the cannabis with filters. You can replace storage with a pressure cooker for it to take just 1 day, have no knowledge of it though. So I guess it should be the same process when it comes to noids, maybe going faster, maybe taking longer. Okay, so So that’s where “shoe pinches” are said, to get the stuff dissolved in the nicotine liquid? I thank you for the information, I will probably give it a try in the near future, for the sake of science … I will return with results.It depends on the noide. I myself do not smoke synthetic cannabinoids, so I am not that bad at their properties. But those that are soluble in propylene glycol (which most people are very likely to be) should be able to easily vape in an e-cigar. Just get propylene glycol or a finished mixture of liquid and discard the powder. The powder should, unlike cannabis, dissolve completely given enough time and thus no filtration is required and it is also easy to see when the solution is ready. In addition, if you are impatient you can heat the solution to speed up the process, but it is possible that it is even almost instantaneous even at room temperature. If I had had some noids at home then I could have experimented a bit myself, but I do not smoke like that. be fixed as soon as possible however! Stay tuned.I can test dissolve some noider in pg when I get home.
It feels like you should make it relatively strong, drip directly on an empty tank and see if it works, nothing for carts it feels spontaneous like. . But it will, may buy new stuff if nothing else.It means that you make your own coils (coils in English), ie. the part that gets hot and causes the liquid to heat up and evaporate. This can be solved in I have for me so you solve 1 g a dl then pour into a bottle that is half full and then let it mix properly so it should work well, Should well go to dissolve the noide in acetone, then mix the acetone mixture with the liquid and shake if then let the acetone evaporate? Yes it seems it can go! Made a little bigger test with a little fub I found behind a box .. However, I drove in the powder in a little pg mixture and let it pull, most dissolve but some graininess remains, but no problem if you make your own coils

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