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Smoking smoke mix with cigarettes or cigarette cases.

A fairly exact same thread was up for some days many weeks ago but I realized that there were a lot of errors in the thread start and therefore asked to have it deleted. Now everything is done and corrected, which is why I choose to post it again.More recently, and as new cannabinoids emerge on the market, the side effects come quite soon after the use of any synthetic cannabinoid and in many cases these are serious ones. That people will stop smoking smoke mixes will not happen as long as no magic politician manages to pull off the chemists who make the substances and some other politician comes up with a magic formula to remove curiosity from the drugs, or cannabis legalized, both from Ockham’s Rakkniv should be the most likely solution to the problem, but until any change in legislation can at least reduce the damage by simple methods. One of these is to use completely ordinary cigarettes, cigarette cases or to roll with cigarette filters.That it would cause the cannabinoids to be harmless or healthy I have not said anywhere in the thread and side effects may still occur, but based on personal preferences after using a smoke mixer since April, I found out after about a month that I would try smoking with using a cigarette. The result was that the intoxication became somewhat more subtle and felt more pleasant to both the psychic and the body, but what was most astonishing was that all direct side effects such as nausea, sweating, headache, stomach problems, dizziness and the like disappeared altogether. For this very reason, I want to share my way of smoking and keep my thumbs up so that as many people as possible will start using this method.Probably because this is not a particularly difficult process neither to plan before nor to perform it purely practical, although the thing is probably that many people do not think about it and therefore it struck me that I have talked to many members about smoking with filters and in the end I thought a guide could reach out to even more people who consume smoke mixes to use filters and minimize or at least make an effort to reduce the harmful effects.Then we start the simple but oh so effective way that you can use and enjoy the cannabinoids’ intoxication without experiencing the symptoms that serious cancer diseases give after a few days.First,

what is needed?

A smoke mix with an active cannabinoid,
Pencil / narrow tube / flat bottom tool,
A4 paper / similar for the sake of simplicity,
Step 1.
Start by weighing how much dose of smoke mix you want to smoke. Personally, I always weigh my doses and I think you should do it with all kinds of drugs. It is a cheap insurance and in my opinion a great security just knowing in itself how large a dose you have smoked or received from a substance. Of course, it’s up to everyone whether you weigh your doses or not, but at least I can try to encourage you to do that too.

Step 2.

Take a cigarette and start massaging the tobacco out of it. Personally, I prefer Right Mentol, Winston Click Black (the ones I use in this guide) or Black Devil Vanilla actually! The menthol flavor actually improves smoking many times and tastes cannabinoid badly dampens the menthol flavor as well as the vanilla or chocolate flavor from Black Devil does.

Step 3.

Use your tool that you pack with to push the tobacco so you get an insight into how much of the cigarette’s void you can use. I also usually mark where the regular tobacco starts again with a pen. I do this to know when I smoked the amount of mix I put.

Step 4.

Pour the smoke mix that you have weighed onto an A4 paper that you weight as in the picture or by some similar method. Sprinkle the smoke mix over much of the paper. This facilitates when you go in with it in the cigarette then.

Step 5.

Start pushing the cigarette upward while tilting the paper back. Spin and jerk / poke a little with the cigarette upside down to allow the smoke mix to go in. From time to time, tap the filter against the table so that the smoke mix goes down a bit. Repeat until all the smoke mix is ​​in the cigarette. Sometimes you may need to pack the cigarette even before everything is in if you took a large dose or emptied the cigarette on too little tobacco.

Step 6.

Pack the new content so that it is about as packed as a regular cigarette. Then spin the top of the cigarette together and you now have a smoke mix cigarette which, based on what I myself experience, gives phenomenally much fewer side effects than smoking without filters and I know that many mean the same thing.

When it should be smoked then you just cut off the stump at its root and then light it like a regular cigarette and flare until it catches fire. Then you smoke up to the mark on the cigarette or you smoke the whole as if it were a regular one, except if you now fill the whole cigarette with pure smoke mix and rather smoke on feeling.

Thanks for me and hope that at least someone adopts this method of smoking cannabinoids. Helping a human being is more than enough, but I hope that many will pay attention to the thread and try switching to filter smoking if you do not want to put the cannabinoids completely on the shelf now.

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