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These SCs are not reliable at all

Stripped, cramped, became unconscious, suffocated in my own spies of “SPICE”!
I want to tell you what happened to me last night after I only smoked a little more spice than I usually do. I would add that I have the principle not to take so-called internet drugs that you do not really know what they contain and have only made exceptions for spice 3-4 times.
The text will be a little short as I type on the onscreen keyboard.
My friend made a bong for me before we went to bed after midsummer celebrations. My friend put on a little extra than I usually take on I took A pretty big bong. Letting me in bed quickly felt how I started to sniff. Took only maybe 3 minutes before I was not aware of real life but all I saw were colors on the pattern that moved as my muscles contracted, it was like a dream .. by this time had no idea that I smoked or that I was snooping, who or where I was without ALL my reality was what I saw in my so-called dream.
Throughout this dream, I felt that something was very wrong, do not know how or what. the bed down on the floor was lying there, cramping. Heard my friends shouting at me beat me on trying to get me to answer. I opened my eyes, saw them blurry, heard what they said, but I couldn’t move, or answer, almost couldn’t even breathe … Then I disappeared into the trip again on a long gone. But now I knew something was wrong because my friends told me. I did everything in my power to get out of my dream to wake up because I really felt how my body laid off, how I stopped breathing and so on. After five minutes, I discovered that I had to stretch my entire body to exert myself to do everything I could to hear something other than the so-called trip. I really struggled for my life to keep myself “awake” for short moments so maybe I could get some word out. The body was still cramping some .. I felt after a while that I was getting tired of the effort to stay awake on I almost couldn’t fight anymore .. But tried to cough up everything I had in the airways so as not to suffocate. Just as I was about to give up, the intoxication began to subside and I could see less blurry short moments .. Then I calmed down and began to think that everything would be fine. Now I could speak a few words too, though I didn’t understand. The brain didn’t work either, had no idea where I was living when I tried to think of it for example. The ambulance came after a good while I had scratched myself a little bit had actually started to get the worst wellbeing oh could laugh at was completely fascinated by what I had seen in my “trip dream”. I hit myself hard on the cramps did not stop completely until after maybe 3 hours.Now I have omitted some details as it becomes so difficult to write everything on the onscreen keyboard.I have heard about similar stuff that happened others but not so much. But do you have any experience of similar events? What is the spice doing to the body that triggers these cramps? And if it wasn’t just spice in the shit I was smoking, what could it have been?
What do you have theories / ideas of what might have caused this?
Sure I smoked too much BUT it wasn’t so much more than I’ve smoked before. Would also add that I had taken 15 mg of diazepam before which is actually anticonvulsant and I can’t answer how bad it would have been if I hadn’t taken the diazepam. Can you just say that you have to blame yourself when you smoke spicebuds. Don’t understand why you want to smoke spice. Short and intense intoxication that is often painful.
You probably got a small overdose of all these chemicals. Ush for spice.can imagine that you did better in just letting go. that tension caused the cramp etc .. may be wrong.It is strange to be conscious and unconscious at the same time … Sounds like a horrible experience though, this happens if you overdose. Today’s SC cannot be compared to either Spice or cannabis as I have said so many times. It wasn’t Spice you smoked. These SCs are not reliable at all, Everything has to do with you smoking synthetic fucking crap when you stopped taking your medications. got to squeeze in me xanor and sobril because it was the sickness of my mind. Have 3 poles who only smoked synthetic cannabinoids and they are sitting on psych now with psychoses that they do not think they will come from and this happens daily also on purchased smoke mix such as the ashes. It has nothing at all to do with someone doing wrong or something like that. It’s really married so you know it. Better start with benzo is my advice. Hate spice and fuck what it’s all called.If you still want to give it up then mix 1g with 80-100g for pure t powder only 1mg to get a rush. then you understand how strong they do it. Seems like a damn competition with who can make the strongest smoke mix but order blue lotus yes all lotus varieties like e dried and mix 1g with 80g of lotus all varieties dried so you have a relatively safe mix where also lotus gives mild effect. So, spice was mixed from the beginning. Then it is worth pointing out that diazepam does not prevent seizures, it can help when the seizure comes but does not work preventively … So it is no idea to chew valium for preventive purpose, what helps is to dose cautiously but above all, you can skip the risks by giving the fuck in today’s SCs.
Smoke mix is ​​no longer a cannabis substitute but a drug of its own. If you smoke a lot, a lot of crap can happen. They are also physically addictive and the release is excessive. I could write a really scary story about how these drugs ruined me but I know I have to blame myself. Recognize me there .. I overdosed with. Has a lot of AKB-48f lying down. It does not give me a cozy rush, I snear every time on this chemical it seems like .. Mixed like this: Empty all cigarettes in a cigar packet, mixed with maybe 0.45g of the powder, and acetone of course (may have half a gram of pure powder left also). I only need maybe 0.04g of tobacco to get high (WITH FILTER!) .. Just feel uncomfortable, death anxiety, feel bad, feel like my head is going to burst, etc .. Never felt anything like any kind of spice .. But have heard so much positive about it, so I continue to smoke it anyway! Feels so unnecessary wasting so much spice. Can I be hypersensitive, allergic to this drug in any way? But you should take it easy with the nail! It’s not something to play with, I’ve overdosed and sniffed endlessly many times on it, but almost never on anything else. I am lucky that I am still alive. You are overdosed. This is not CB. Your friend probably had 10 times higher tolerance and also, a fairly common mistake that the kind friend should offer and not give a “beginner dose” without thinking about it.
It can be a damn big difference should you know.
Happened a couple of times that I took a break and then drove my old normal butt without thinking about, it ends with cramps (1 time spit then I covered) and a hellish intolerant intoxication.
it is very potent and far from the same as Ganja. (This does not seem to understand …) find out the dosage and all the information that may be needed before you press in your drugs especially RC’s.
Tolerance shoots much faster than Weed.
Powder you buy can also be a damn big difference.
There are some who knock it out as well.Have noticed an extremely large discrepancy on some batches I got hold of through the shoppers that are on Flashback.What I want to say is that it is not about the drug itself, everyone is constantly overdosing.If it is an incredible drug that suits you or not is another femme, Nice to hear that it went well with you! Myself I can not understand myself on people who work with Spice Mm If there is no research at all, if shit happens it can be difficult to choose treatment. What happened to TS is entirely about an overdose. If people cramp at such small doses, they would not blame the wrong dosage. The new cannabinoids appear to affect more receptors than CB1 and CB2 (or far too high affinity) thereof not at all as intoxicated as cb. Increase real cannabis if you want to be safe on the safe side

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