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This is the indazole analogue of JWH-018
Just noticed at at a big UK vendor, saw no thread for it here so made one

Dose unknown (likely to be single-mg’s or lower though) and it is bloody cheap.
Have been aware of the compound for a while but didn’t know it ever actually was on the market.

I am interested in trying it myself so might grab 500mg ,

I tried THJ-018 last week, after becoming dissatisfied with AKB-48, 2NE1 and 5F-AKB-48. I should also mention I’ve tried JWH-018 and marijuana in the past.

I didn’t have as many reservations as I probably should have, but I am incredibly careful.

I started at 0.5 mg measured on scales, then vapourised on foil. The effects were decent. A pleasant stoned feeling, without any anxiety or feelings of dissociation.

I increased the dose to 2 mg measured and vapourised, repeating every few hours for 3 days. Then I stopped to test its addiction potential. I noticed a slight craving and some sleep disturbances. It’s possible that this RC is physically addictive, but then so are most of the others available at the moment.

All things considered, this is the best cannabinoid I’ve tried, since JWH-018 was banned. It’s not ridiculously strong, but it gets you high and you can still function normally.

True. A little goes a long way with synthetic cannabinoids, often good harm reduction to alternate between cakes and this to avoid becoming too attached. Withdrawal, overheating and sweating waking up at night, having no apetite and abdominal pain are all things ive suffered b/c of overdoing it on noids, they were certainly not pleasant or something that you can ignore. If you couldnt get buns for a week, its like going without synthetics for a few hours.


Currently using 1g AKB48 spread over 100g herb, with one half being stronger than the other on purpose having been done seperate. I estimate 350mg over the milder 50g, and it still produces a comparable relatively long lasting high. The longer duration definitely makes a difference, said to be slightly longer than most next gen noids. Personally I dont even like the stronger batch ive made, the higher the dose, the higher the side effects as well. I only like being as high as I would expect from buns.

AKB48 seems to be the only one I’ve tried (and ive tried several) that doesnt leave you craving another smoke while your in the bath .

Any information on duration of THJ-018, along with what makes it different to the rest would be appreciated.

Dose: 1-3mg
Method: Peppering my tobacco with pre-weighed amounts
Duration: Around 2h
Tolerance: Average to high.
Notes: No anxiety caused unlike other noids. Pleasant afterglow that helps relaxation. No compulsion to re-dose, although it is nice so might be abused if not careful.

Very nice smooth high that lasts for a few hours, not too intense and enjoyable. In my opinion very close to it’s relative. 

Much cleaner than the other noids that have been knocking around recently.

, I’m not very good at describing my experiences, and I’ve always found that they vary wildly from person to person anyway, especially with cannabinoids.

The duration of the main effects of THJ-018 is fairly short for me, about 1 – 2 hours. In comparison with AKB-48, it probably lasts about half as long.

Unlike AKB-48, though, there’s an enjoyable after-effect with THJ-018, an energetic body high, which is comparable to the effects produced by low doses of narcotics. This can last several hours, and is a refreshing change from the after-effects of other cannabinoids, and even regular cannabis.

Fans of trippy cannabinoids may think that THJ-018 is a little too weak, but in my opinion, it has all the desirable characteristics of regular cannabis. It enhances mood and creates interesting effects while listening to music or watching a movie. And it does this without causing feelings of anxiety.

I think THJ-018 is about halfway between 2NE1 and AKB-48, in terms of its effects.

I enjoy the “milder” synths, and my regular go-to chems (of the current batch) are 2ne1 and akb48.
I had read about THJ-018 and was excited to test it.

I made a blend and tested it, the first 3 or 4 attempts didn’t produce any effects I couldn’t 100% dismiss as placebo. After establishing the strength of the blend I upped the dose slightly and achieved a result from which I could draw some observations.

As others have said this one is mild and doesn’t produce anxiety. I felt “slow” mentally and physically and my social and conversational skills were noticeably impaired. I had some very minor visual disturbances and few abstract thoughts. This chem seemed to make me sleepy. It seems quite long lasting (about an hour? solid) and the effects come on slowly and gently (so much so that it took me a bit by surprise when I realized it, though this is much preferable to the intense instant come up of some noids).

at this early stage in my research I still prefer 2ne1 or akb-48 for this kind of noid, and find thj-018 a little too mild and prefer the energy and “sharpness” (for lack of a better word) that the other two grant (or at least maintain). It is pleasant though.

I may change my view on this one after playing with the dose and maybe trying some combinations and will report accordingly (for anyone who may find it useful when trying to find info on this one).

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