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Truck Concentration or Paper?

I’m anticipating obtaining a lot of 5f-mdmb-2201. My companions are keen on attempting this noid as well so I’m likely going to make my own 510 trucks. I’m likewise keen on making sheets for sublingual dosing.

Presently I’m not a major weedie using any and all means by any stretch of the imagination. I seldom get high. I recall this young lady gave me a quarter gram of weed for nothing. That transformed into 2 strong “high” evenings for me. 2 hits from a standard spot pen makes them slobber.

I do not understand how to be the guinea pig for getting the fixation right. Does anybody have experience making trucks with noids? I’m thinking to do a 10mg/ml blend of 5f-mdmb-2201 in propylene glycol. Will the power of the high be like that of a standard THC 510 truck? More mg? Less mg? No PG? Would anyone be able to enable me to out?

Also, with paper, what number of ug per tab? What number of micrograms would rise to, state, an OK bowl (1/2 g) of weed?I vow to god in the event that you ever attempt to give that pen to somebody as a “touch pen” I trust god himself descends from the sky and kicks your dick inwards for harming people.I’m simply accepting you appear to be fairly youthful here and searching for the best high to jump on, all around let me let you know, in the event that you don’t smoke weed since you don’t care for the manner in which it makes you feel when you’re too high or anything that it is, simply realize that in the long haul of your “ideal quest for the privilege noid” you’re going to wind up slobbering on yourself all when you’re rationally debilitated lmao.

Trust me I love drugs, however why in the fuck are you confiding in synthetic substances from asians who need you to message them from whatsapp! furthermore, they can’t spell the application name right a fraction of the time lmao.

The inquiries you pose about “making it comparable solidarity to a 1ml touch truck” cause it to appear as though you’re attempting to make counterfeit trucks and if that is the situation, from the base of my heart.I guarantee that wasn’t the situation. I wasn’t even going to sell it. My companions and I were keen on this noid on the grounds that it was so modest. We each chip in $10 and get like a year’s worth. We wound up choosing not to purchase any on the grounds that we don’t care for the audits of it.I’m not so much wanting to engage in noids. Possibly just to attempt it. In any case, my companions love the cost. Furthermore, I love being associated with drugs.

What’s more, idk any Asian fellows on WhatsApp, however I do realize a solid European research center I’ve obtained from in the past for phenethylamines and benzodiazepines.

However, I concur that the Asian providers are truly failed. My first medication was a hallucinogenic in view of friend pressure. Be that as it may, presently I’m the medication genie for all addict needs in the companion gathering. What’s more, I’m totally calm as a pickle 9/10 days.10mg/ml is very high. Start with 2mg/ml.

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