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Two teens collapse after smoking K2

Two teens collapse after smoking K2 synthetic marijuana.K2 is no joke. I’ve seen patients with continuous seizures and others who have been in coma for days until it gets out of the system. Some with permanent cognitive damage.I have a cavernoma in my brain and have had at least 15 seizures a year since I habitually smoked this stuff for a few months back in like 2009.I finally decided to quit smoking the stuff(we called it “spice” at the time) after catching myself being really bitchy, loosing weight, and starting to become really pale. I smoked it as a marijuana replacement because I wanted to join the army, and at the time it was brand new and no one really thought it was dangerous, they also sold it in every headshop and gas station.A day or so after quitting I had my first seizure. First few seizures no one even saw- so no one really believed me after I researched the symptoms and self-diagnosed seizures.Eventually my family saw me have one at dinner. Doctors had no idea what it could be because I wasn’t showing epileptic focuses in my brain during EEGs. My first year after quitting I had about 30 seizures.About 4 years later the doctors found something in my brain that they thought might be a tumor. Turned out to be a Cavernoma that hadn’t been there before.Because of the cavernoma’s position- they say that surgery would be very high risk, and very expensive.About two year ago I had a seizure while driving and wrapped my car around a tree. (Even tho I shouldn’t have been driving in the first place.) Fractured my back in two places including a few rib fractures.Medicine has never helped the seizures, only made them worse. and just about every neurologist I go to just scratches their head because of how weird my symptoms are.So now I just live day to day- regretting a decision I made when i was 17, knowing one day it will probably kill me.If it is anything like my seizures, these dudes are black out unconscious. are gonna wake up confused, nauseous, and sore all over; and will need 3 days to a week to recover if they survive.What these guys are experiencing, while not uncommon- is not a typical experience for someone smoking this stuff. mostly you just feel super stoned.
Since this stuff is made by kids on the street- sometimes you can hit super concentrated ‘hot spots’ that will instantly cause a seizure or other violent crazy reactions(look up, “he need some milk seizure” on youtube) or they were just being idiots and did something like smoked a blunt of the shit.The last time I smoked k2, probably 8 years ago, I became paralyzed in my chair. After about 2 hours I was finally able to mutter “water.” My mind was pretty much in tact the whole time, just could not do a single thing. This also happened while I was watching a horror movie with friends. It was a fucking nightmare. Movie sucked too (my bloody valentine remake). Noped that shit out of my life after that.it really depends on what kind of spice you’re smoking. There’s essentially a near endless amount of synthetic cannabinoids, and as lawmakers outlaw one they’ll synthesize another, which is part of the problem as there’s no consistency. I’ve smoked maybe three different kinds of spice, two of which were actually enjoyable and similar enough to weed that I did it more than once. Then i tried some shit called “Diablo” which had like 4x-5x the amount of active ingredient (I’m not sure if it was JWH or another analogue, and this was in about 2011- 2012). I took one hit and gravity felt inverted and i was immediately waaaaaay higher than i ever would want to be. The second time I smoked it (didn’t know it was the diablo in the bowl) I got so high i started hallucinating And freaking out thinking I was being followed by the FBI. I went home and took like a two hour shower because I was convinced that I couldn’t be arrested as long as I was in the shower. Worst high I’ve ever had. One of my buddies smoked that same stuff and freaked out and cut his head open from repeatedly bashing his head into his steering wheel. He was hospitalized.

Never let anyone you know smoke synthetic cannabinoids, they are the devil.

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