Updated : Oct 23, 2019 in Cannabinoids

What is the safest compound and the best?

Thats a huge question…

The safest are normally the most boring…

The best are normally not safe…lol

But the best to one person is very different to the other….

For me the safest and best so far is Jwh-210.

Edit : just noticed this is in the noids sub…

FAB-144, followed by NM-2201. Both are mild, weedlike and didn’t cause any withdrawals. Good luck finding them though, don’t bother asking me as I have no idea. I also wouldn’t recommend fucking with any of the other noids. The feeling was so intense that it had made the television feel like it was from another dimension and that reality was like at the brink of caving in on me and driving me fully out of my mind. I ended up taking down a bunch of tapestries in my room because they staryed to make me nauseous, FUB-AMB was the shit back in the day lol. The SGT and SDB chems are kinda shit tier for noids, 5f-akb is rather potent and scary also. FUB-AMB is rather terrifying in its own right but it’s probably the best out of what you named. However, it’s illegal in most places now. If you get it be VERY careful handling it as it is EXTREMELY potent. Don’t dose it more than once or twice every few days if you can help yourself. Withdrawals from that one are nasty.

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