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2-FDCK and other analogues?

2-FDCK and other analogues?
what’s the verdict on analogues especially the ketamine analogue, 2-FDCK, and the amphetamine analogues? I looked via psychonaut wiki and didn’t locate lots ab how it influences your body/mind any special than the original drug. Are any of these specifically caustic? I’ve completed 2-fdck 4 times now and it was once simply great. Just like ketamine; however, everytime I take it I marvel if I’m unknowingly harming myself distinctly bad. I’ve performed some lookup and haven’t discovered much. I’m simply thinking if I need to simply stick to the originals and threat getting caught. Since I get the analogues from a legit lab, it is hypothetically safer cuz I know what I’m getting, but at the same time these tablets have very little human history to them. So, I be involved ab taking analogues ? Or am I simply being overly anxious AB it?

Edit: this anxiety got here from my buddy who advised me to stop taking etizolam and other research chemical substances cuz my physique is gonna quit up and be “researched at vicinity 51”. He used to be making a shaggy dog story while being serious cuz he kept pestering me when I advised him I take it once a week. Idk, i notion it was once decently safe cuz I did my lookup but with the analogues I can’t locate a lot of information.Here’s the aspect about analogs. We don’t know the consequences of them to the originals on you fitness and what not. If you are worried about taking them that is completely on you. These are called research chemical substances for a reason. It is because there has now not been ample research on them yet. We are basically the research test on these capsules right now. 2-FDCK I love it. I suppose that is is higher than Ketamine. I do not comprehend of any vicinity less difficult than when I can simply order some 2-FDCK for $30 a gram and a week or two later it indicates up at my front door. For this I love lookup chemical compounds and I suppose they are great. I have had no noticeable bad side results from RCs and I have been attempting a variety of sorts over the final 10 years.

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