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5f-mdmb-2011 Positive and Delightful experience!

I’ve never ever wrote a review for something but I was so impressed literally because if I had a blind fold on you told me take 4 hits of this I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between synth or real high grade bud. Actually more like dab hit. Shit smacked my mouth off god damnnn

Short and sweet if you wanna know effects (assuming you know you for sure have 5f-members-2011) here’s an experience I can share since there’s not a lot of info on this one. Now I am a 2 ounce a week pot smoker (usually reaches that and yes to myself I basically go back to back out of boredom and pure addiction, HEY I’m honest cause this may help another fellow cannnananoid lover synthetic or not). I’ll off by saying this was in a vape cartridge and it wasn’t full 5f it was actually half 5f and 1 quarter 4f-adb and 1 quarter PY. This wasn’t and isn’t a brand name it was simply blended this way by myself correctly following a guide to the T. It was placed in a 1ml Cartridge that resembles a 1g Cartridge that you regular see. Now whole point in the introduction was to let you know I have a high tolerance and was afraid albeit excited to try . Since there’s no real info or should I say there’s not MUCH info to give you an idea I believe this will help a few people out. Now MOST IMPORTANTLY I never smoke synth noids and safety first fellow peeps which means I followed rule of thumb. I went to Start off small i took two real tiny hits waited 20 mins tested the water . Felt a light but strong high . So I went and Took 1 deep inhale As I felt I can get up more so i took 2 more same size hits. Didn’t make a dent in amount of liquid in cart. Put cart down let it settle in and holy shit I was fucking impressed. I don’t advocate for this stuff nor do I plan on using again I just wanted to try as a novelty. When I tell you minutes later got dumb high very enjoyable like the one you always hope for. It kept getting more intense but not in a bad way I laid back and thought to myself holy shit this is amazing because it was so impressive. I didn’t know what to expect going into this and hitting the vape so to say I was impressed is an understatement. It was the to the point where I really no joke on everything I love I felt like it was my first high ever that I could never replicate but always tried to. I was LIT so I go to sit up after I realized 25 mins later that this was as strong as it was going to get and I was just so fucking high like I was so high that when I sat up and opened up my laptop I started questioning if I was sitting on my bed correctly. Who thinks like that ? I’ll tell you who ME because I was really high like it was my first god damn time and I only took 2 tiny hits and 3 big ones btw and was in lala land. It worked out as 1ml cart/30mg. I actually got so enjoyably high like the funny one that was very sativa like but definitely Indica feel to it but I I say more sativa being that I was in my head once again like the first time I got high. Everyone’s diff and it effects everyone differently but for the most part I truly believe all these seizures and psychotic episodes and people tragically passing is because they start off with an amount that they have no clue about and end up ruining there lives. I didn’t expect much to happen but Boy was I wrong and surprised While being happy . Sorry for being dramatic I’m just so suprised it worked out this beautifully . I hope this review helps fellow cannabanoid Heads. PLEASE follow rule of thumb start off very small and climb if you feel you can don’t just leap to the top because your gonna have a hell of a time or tragic episode trying to get down. Stay safe bro’s and ho’s feel free to ask any questions. Thanks for reading hope it helps.

 I have 5g of it and I’m glad I bought it. I’ve used only 25mg of the chemical. And it’s taken me about a week and a half to get this far. I only smoke it at night. And 25mg I had on 2 grams of damiana

It feels a lot like marijuana to me anyways, of course a couple times I have gotten too high on accident but it was pleasant. I don’t really find it addictive at all compared to my previous usage of them.

If it ever seems to become a problem I will get rid of it but it’s honestly been pretty helpful to me. I just avoid getting too high so that I don’t freak myself out(although honestly I miss that. I could do it with this I am going to make my next batch stronger but man has this been good.

Until I can smoke weed, I’ll use this I think and just be mature about it. taking breaks.. not too many days in a row.. stuff like that, and  I smoke at night only to being that I’m back with family not because they’ll think I’m smoking but BECAUSE they’ll KNOW I smoked something and the high this shit achieves would make me act very awkward. Hence saying just like the first time I smoked. It is truly unbelievable to me how well this worked out that I reached out to every one of my responsible pot head friends and explained up until they cut me short and said “wait you got so high that you questioned if you were sitting correctly on your bed …..at night….with no one around and no chance of looking suspicious? Bro say no more I NEED TO TRY IT I want to get that “question the simple things in life” high again!!” And only the ones who actually listen to me since I’ve tried it and am very in love with pot. And I agree I’d stick to this until you can jump back on the beautiful bud bus. Stay safe !

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