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Test subject: male, 36 years old.

Subject received 1 gram of AB-FUBINACA in the form of a pure white, very fine powder. A very strong chemical smell was noticed, which smelled like acetone to the subject. This, along with the fine grain of the powder made the subject think that it was possible this chemical has been washed and possibly cut. Doubts about the success of the initial manufacture and the resulting purity of the sample remain.

An allergy test was performed, and the subject then vapourised 0.5 mg, using a thin stainless steel bowl and a jet flame lighter.

Subject reported typical effects of cannabinoid receptor activity, a light stoned feeling, without ‘couchlock’, lasting about 2 hours, with after effects lasting about 4-6 hours.

IMHO 1 mg AB-FUBINACA oral is one of the best cannabinoid highs I ever experienced, even compared with the good old days of JWH-018/250 (never got to sample the CP-55,940 and the likes though).

The most noticeable thing was the aftertaste though. Very strong and extremely unpleasant, persisting for a long time after the stoning effects had diminished.

Subject felt the need to distance himself from his foolish actions after sampling an RC with hardly any experience reports, and which seems to have been poorly manufactured.

Subject does not recommend this RC, but would be interested in knowing if other subjects have tried it and what their experiences were, especially regarding the smell and taste. Subject would possible try again, if he didn’t have doubts over its purity.

I had some of this from a reputable vendor and made up a blend 2 grams to 25 marshmallow and found it quite strong Its up there with the 5fakb-48 and yes taste is foul but i liked it at first for a few days but after a week or so it gave me the squirts every day for about another week before solid stools after binning the blend probably about 20 grams i just felt it wasnt right for me. i think i read elsewhere other people had the same symptoms so tread very carefully ,

Thanks for the second opinion on the taste zombywoof.

I doubt I will be trying AB-FUBINACA again. The taste was just too bad, and there also seems to be a vague but general consensus that flourinated cannabinoids have a higher chance of causing damage. Flourinated cannabinoids have never felt right to me personally either.

I’ve yet to find anything legal which can rival AKB-48 (the unflourinated one, not 5f-AKB-48), but it hasn’t stopped me from trying.

I have smoked various batches from diffrent sources of AB-FUBINACA and it is among my top 3 of noids. Taste and potency vary through the batches, but the turn itself remained the same. The batch I am smoking right now has good potency, and the taste is bareable, allthough my tolerance drives me to take real hero doses in stickys where it begins to taste unpleasant. I am having no health concerns with it, but I never had any with noids. I think it is the strongest in potency/mg along with FUB-PB22 in the UK atm, so only use it if 5F-PB22 is too boring for you. I really enjoy highdose turns on AB-FUBINACA, it puts me in a state of conciousness where I can break down persons and situations to the core and make wired fun of it…it’s hard to explain, like an unreal movie commentated by the voice in my mind, and sometimes very funny it really made me laugh out of the sudden just because I was far too stoned for what I was doing (like running through a crowd of people in the city centre). Very cool substance if you learned to handle it, and this did take me some time…

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