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About withdrawal

5F-MDMB-2201 withdrawal?
Does each person understand how the withdrawal is? How long do i have to take this noid to get in withdrawal? The withdrawal I can say from my ride that used to be very terrible in a unusual way, I cannot eat I cannot sleep I can’t sense the floor from my toes when I was walking, awesome paranoia. I have smoked 10 Grams of 5fmdmb2201 in 2 three weeks so my doses can be actually high.I totally get what you are announcing with the not feeling the floor when you are taking walks thing. That was the worst WD effect for me. Totally screwed up my balance and on foot besides tripping over the entirety while I was, which include my very own feel. Also lost my feel of what’s going on around me and would overlook what situations I’m in (basically dissociating).I used a famous vape product with this nod daily for about a month. Didn’t WD that terrible and solely lasted about three or four days and ktatom managed it tremendous but it was without a doubt there.sometimes I sleep in motel rooms smoke in the night time because I wake up like 2, three instances a night to smoke. And when I was once waking up I have no concept the place I am for like 15 minutes and I did not recognize why I wake up what ought to I do, that is the most frightening situation for me, is like for 15 mins you get schizophrenia. Just a few uncomfortable coordination side consequences for about 4 days after stopping alongside with the nerves in my toes and legs starting to work again. I have been vaping this noid for the last 2 months and decided enough was enough. I came out to my parents about what was going on and that I needed help. I’m currently in the hospital going through hell. The last time I hit it was 4 days ago but I can’t stop throwing up. Hot showers are one way I can feel better but I need some consultation from the reddit community…. how long until I get over this ? I feel like hell. I have no desire for noids anymore but want these withdrawals gone. Any ideas how long until I’m back to normal ?? I haven’t been sleeping much, can’t keep any food down, and am irritated… EVERYONE PLS STOP NOIDS.

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