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Are you getting psychosis from cannabis?

when do you know that you are getting psychosis from cannabis?
Smoked spice yesterday and I was almost completely gone … got many different feelings … thought that cats were spirits that would protect me and stuff..no can read my intoxication report here (FB) spice intoxication yesterday it felt like I had lost myself and was one with everything and stuff … 20 minutes felt like over 1 hour … my question is did i get psychos? It was a little scary but I was still calm because I know it will get worse if I panic and start to worry. Thought it felt more “psychedelic” than grass … I have smoked spice before 3 times and thought the intoxication was exactly like on grass … this was completely new to me … but my question is I was getting psychosis? Or did I just smoke too much? The spice was AB pinaca 5% I smoked 1 joint completely pure without tobacco … Psychosis is nothing you just get. This is something that has been developing for a long time. Also, it sounds like you were high rather than having a psychosis. I have never been on grass and I thought spice would have about the same intoxication as grass … is it a regular addiction to spice? Haven’t experimented so much with spice, so can’t give any concrete answer. But as I understand it, spice usually has more intense effect, though for a shorter period. This is where it differs from grass that would otherwise cause you to become quite scared for several hours.
Because the effect seemed quite intense on your part (something you usually recognize in those times when you yourself smoked a damn lot of grass), we can rule out that it was something other than the very intoxication that made you feel this way.

If, on the other hand, you feel the same and have even more feelings of unreality and other schizophrenic-like traits when you are not taking drugs, and especially for a long time, then it is a completely different thing. This is when we can begin to speculate whether or not you have had a psychosis.

But do you feel that you are really worried about this then I advise you not to take more drugs. Drugs are not for everyone. Especially not those with weak psyche, which I would spontaneously say you possess. Sounds like a proper standard intoxication of spice. Smoked it before when I did not have access to real goods. Now I would never smoke it. In my opinion, spice is not at all like cb, more psychedelic as you say, but in a bad way. Also always got a headache when the drunk went down, but thought it was worth it at the time. spice? Have heard that it is because you can easily get psychosis from it! There was even a girl who wanted me to promise her never to smoke spice because it’s easy to get psychos out of it! She herself was doing grass, and most of the other things she got hold of, I would think. But surely, it probably affects the psyche more than ordinary grass does.

Personally, that’s not what worries me. Rather, it is the side effects that arise after an abuse of the drug that scares me. Have read several horror examples here at Flashback about people who have had strange rashes, sleep problems, sweating and constipation. Do you feel anything but natural and healthy actually.Why do you smoke that shit at all? I seriously have a friend to me who barely wants to live because of all the spice, he has psychosis and big problems with the lungs and also parkinson’s but iaf .. Lie down, that’s not where it is. The intoxication of spice is a great psychosis that you do not think is nice during the intoxication, but damned when you are ready to smoke you want more, it is a poison without the same ROK CANNABIS if you should now smoke..Tripped earlier? Sounds quite accurately described as an ego death. How are you doing now? If everything is as it should, you have no psychosis, you can be a little confused, down / excited, etc. But if you feel that you are still there is probably no danger, but no one knows how it can go next time.

What you mean is probably a drug-induced psychosis, which is not entirely easy to define. Yes you can say that you were close to a drug-triggered psychosis, if, for example, you were allowed to go into psych, the doctors probably would have diagnosed it as a drug-triggered psychosis. But a psychosis can also be latent for several years before a drug triggers it, hence “drug-triggered psychosis”

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