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Benefits of now not the usage of acetone ?

I surely desire to make the combo greater fantastic to smoke, thats it. I idea there are some smoke-quality advantages if I had been to use IPA or other alcohol compared to the acetone.Everclear/IPA and isopropyl are not the same. I have been the use of synthetic cannabinoids for around a year . Until now I have usually used acetone for a solvent.While analyzing this forum I come upon many publish concerning using IPA ethanol or everclear as a substitute of the acetone.But why ? Is the acetone making the mixture harsher in some way or less first-rate to smoke ? What are the benefits of the usage of alcohols compared to the use of acetone ? Also is the approach any special than the usage of pure acetone ? Now I simply mix the synths with acetone , shake well, soak the herbs in the mixture and let it dry for a couple of hours, stirring it every 3-4 mins or so.Is the method the equal with alcohols ? I am planning to experiment with IPA soon, to see how things work out . Approximately how a whole lot IPA would I need to use per 10g of 5f-mdmb-2201 ? Any guidelines and recommendation on the count would be notably preferred !In theory there should be no solvent left in the material, however if there are trace amounts left if you use the IPA at least it’s technically meals safe. Where acetone is not,Acetone evaporates greater easily soo hows there gonna be any extra acetone left than iso?? Also iso metabolizes into acetone sooo i just dont get the common sense of these human beings announcing to now not use acetone, if you’re so worried just distill the acetone in a hot waterbath first. Same with the weed community lol dont use acetone for extractions “iz taxic”IPA is the same as iso. Ethanol is not. One ipa/iso is no longer meals safe, ethanol is the source of alcoholic drinks and is food safe.i truely favor to make the combination extra pleasant to smoke, thats it. i idea there are some smoke-quality advantages if i had been to use ipa or different alcohol compared to the acetone.

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