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“C-Liquid” is simply as it’s sold, appears to come in 3 flavours.  all of which are based around a new cannabinoid “N-cumyl-1-(5-fluoropentyl)-indazole-3-carboxamide“.  (bolded the o, they appear to have all made the same spelling mistake)

Left: The new cannabinoid
Right: 5F-AKB48 for comparison

It’s ~£25 for 3ml.
I have read it is 1mg/ml and compared to 5-6g of their smoking blends.
~20 drops to 1ml = ~50ug per drop (0.05mg)

Only report i’ve read; “Just had a few tokes from the E-cig of this 1mg/ml, and am feeling it quite strongly already.  I can’t have vaporized more than 20-50 mcg, plus 3 drops sublingually. Rapid onset when inhaled, less if much at all sublingually

So guys, this cannabinoid seems to be superpotent.  If 50ug is an effective dose then it makes it at least 20x as potent as most cannabinoids currently on market.
Be careful with this one, don’t want to spill any by the sounds of it.

BuckledBonzi are pleased to announce c-liquid chemical suspension, which opens up brand new ways for resarching such chemicals

The liquid is a suspension containing a new cannabinoid: N-cumyl-1-(5-fluropentyl) indazole-3-carboxamide 
This is the very first time this patent pending cannabinoid has been seen in the UK. 

It is very hard to exactly estimate, but we suggest 3ml of chemical suspension is roughly the same as 5-6 grams of herbal blends

Currently we have 3 differant aromas, Vanilla, Blueberry and Bubblegum.

Stocks are very limited the moment, get them while you can.
We will also be adding regular e-liquids to our store in the coming days, so watch out for that ,

Preparation: 1:1 of 18mg/cherry E-liquid and vanilla C-liquid (concentration unknown) in a standard clearomizer vapouriser/e-cigarette. 5 deep inhales spaced at most 3 minutes apart.

That got me sufficiently buzzed. I’ll say that I’m not reaching for that cartridge again tonight. I can’t really comment too much on my findings just yet as I’ve always been a “strange smoker” who often finds cannabinoids unpleasant but still goes back for more occasionally.. this is my second synthetic cannabinoid experience. The first was vaping unknown dosage of some synthetic cannabinoid in a pipe. They were pellets that contained something else that I believe to be 2-AI. (Don’t do that please, I wasn’t thinking rationally)

Overall, I can say that any usual smoker would be happy enough. I consider myself a guinea pig right now as I didn’t have any idea what to expect. Mellow. My vision isn’t framing and it’s not as psychedelic as my usual experiences with the real deal. I’m shaking quite a bit and my teeth are chattering a bit. As if I was cold or something.. this IS normal for me though.

This stuff is a cannabinoid apparently held “in suspension” and is a clear liquid. 
It’s a brand new type of cannabinoid that we don’t know anything about really.

The c liquid is designed for ecigs not vaporisers, so it’s meant for mainstream.

Someone reported pissing blood after a session on this, although there were other things involved.

The high is mildish at 50:50 mix with Standard liquid. It’s more like 018 than any of the 5f stuff. Works though.

At 25£ a pop it’s the price of several grams of 018 and obviously it’s selling points are odourlessness, ease of use etc.

I’d seriously take it easy with this stuff. Why it’s clear if it’s a suspension, what the side effects of these structural cannabinoid compounds are, lots of unknowns.

I diluted it 50/50 with some nictone free raspberry e liquid to make it easier to start with a smaller dose and test effects slowly. I needn’t have bothered , I am an almost daily synth smoker and think anyone with tolerance/experience in these kinds of chemicals should be able to comfortably smoke straight once accustomed to it.

This is a subtle/mellow/weak (take your pick) synth, the closest I could compare it to would be 2ne1 Apica. Duration is hard to pin down as I vaping it all day long (I went through .4 mg of the combined solution, so roughly .2mg of the c-liquid). 

It is certainly handy and convenient being in e-liquid form and its release is timed perfectly for the winter weather so you don’t even have to leave your couch to have a smoke.

I didn’t notice any paranoia or anxiety, although early on I did become midly angry (which hasn’t happened to me on synths before and may have been unrelared). It is not trippy or intense (at least in the small amounts I was smoking) but did provide a small pleasant rush if a bigger hit is taken.

If you are a fan of mild synths (2ne1 or THJ-018) you would probably like this. If you smoke the crazier stuff you may find this a tad bland. YMMV.

overall I am happy with my purchase (mostly so I can have a synth to “smoke” indoors and semi-socially, as well as the novelty factor).

I am keenly watching what will happen with this and if we start seeing any more synths in this form ( I would dearly like to ditch smoking marshmallow)

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