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Can’t smoke weed at home because of family, any good synthetic cannabinoid to use in the meantime

I can’t smoke weed at my parent’s home for 3 weeks, I know synthetic cannabinoids tend to be demonized around here, and for good reason, but my research led me to believe that some of them could be relatively safe to use in good hands and with an oral ROA. I was thinking of using AB-FUBINACA in the meantime, anyone got any experience with that compound? or other synthetic noids? 

I second THC edibles. Or even CBD to hold you over if it’s a few weeks.. If you smoke synthetic cannabinoids you will more than likely regret it. It is highly addictive, trashes your ability to get high off THC, and I’m almost certain it has effect on the endocannabinoid system. I know this from personal and anecdotal experience and do not have literary sources. I know you’ll do what you want anyway, but if you are going to go back to smoking weed, don’t use noids to fill in..

For purposes of harm reduction please use a milligram scale and even better, volumetric measurement. Propylene Glycol is a decent solvent.

If you use an oral ROA and limit yourself to just that it will work out much better. OD is NOT pleasant and can make you think you’re dying for a few hours.. It is very easy to OD with some cannabinoids. Full agonies in comparison to weed is like crack to coke… But even more.. I’m not sure about current legislature where you reside, but I’d say avoid the fluorinated ones. 5f-ur-144 5f-akb-48 5f-pb-22 to name a few. There’s so many. But those are bleh on what it does to your body long term. I suggest the original jwh series. Jwh-018, jwh-073, and jwh-210

I received a Smoke Buddy for Christmas to avoid sometimes pesky odors and it works really well. Not perfect. But it makes smell dissipate much faster.

I wouldn’t say you end up tweaking out for noids like other drugs but compared to good ol cannabis its more fiendish.

They are more euphoric than any topshelf concentrate I’ve ever had and seem to produce real withdrawal symptoms compared to real cannabis.

I didn’t sleep a wink for two days, barely ate for those two days and my first night off the noids would result in vomiting and nausea.

Noids were covered in your DARE program? If you do a quick Google search of cannabinoid addiction there are innumerable reports of people suffering from addiction. I was having issues finding a scholarly article to post though. :/ If it were toned back to “addictive” would that be less of an extraordinary claim? I just know that I and others I have known personally, have experienced heavy psychologically addictive qualities to full agonist cannabinoids. I’ve frequented other so called addictive substances (Amphetamines/crack/cocaine/diacetylmorphine/fentalogues) and putting aside the physically addictive aspects of opiates, I found cannabinoids to have a heavier psychological dependence to them than most other substances. I know others share this same opinion. However YMMV.

Yes they are, good ol thc contrary to popular belief carries similar symptoms that are much more manageable.

I’m not sure if people just parrot “noids are bad” or because they saw people have a shitty experience.

Noids are actually bad because your cb receptors and endocannabinoid system are responsible for regulating appetite, sleep, mood and thermoregulation among other things.

I’m just a user parroting what somebody more intelligent than me had spoken about the topic. Check out the wiki article on the endocannabinoid system.

It literally describes every negative I’ve had quitting THC or noids lol. I always felt my body temp would be higher when I would quit using THC and noids and its right there on that page.

Absolutely. A different mind with a different affinity for certain chemicals would more than likely have more of a psychological dependence than someone else. I just know that if I smoke noids for a few days then stop and then I smoke weed at the same frequency for a few days and stop, I’m going to be craving the noids much heavier.

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