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Choosing Jwh for your own smoke mix?

Servants, just like the headline reads, I need some tips on what different jwh you can mix to get a really good strength but also a rush that lasts at least an hour. Have been in the process of mixing the jwh-250 with another jwh which increases the length of the drink since 250 should not sit for long at all. I’m looking to emulate the smoke mixes that I thought were the best ever which was Black Widow and Vegas from SN, the first batch then. Does anyone know any jwh who could boost the junk length of jwh-250 or if you know any other mix with good strength + rest time then I am very grateful for answer.I would think that black widow only had jwh-250 in itself considering that it had extremely short but strong intoxication.Jwh-018 and 250 is a good mix, it was what the first good mixes had for example spice diamond / diamond spirit and smoke. Okay, thanks for the answer. It leans on it to be 018 then, but nobody who knows anything about how 122 is in comparison? If you want something legal, I recommend spiceland mixes. the length and JWH-019 for a little opiate feel. Will be a nice mix, Do not have access to JWH-122 until next month but have only heard good things about it iofs, many who have it as favorite JWH, then you can get hold of it so try! AM2201 is legal and a good alternative to JWH018, VERY potent but builds up resistant when consuming larger amounts over a longer period of time. Find am2201 at researchchemicalsupplier.com but don’t know if they are green! Think about making your own smoke mix sometime soon. Is it
And want something that is a little upward, and a bit trippy. Which JWH should I buy then? And how much is required to make about 50g? It should be legal cannabionides. Resting time ~ 45min I would think, so you probably get mixed up with some longer resting time. The disadvantage of ordering from WWS is that you can get the wrong product. If they do not have what you want in stock they can send something else instead, sick, it is dangerous as hell, Lets submit good: / Can anyone put up a link list here with places you can order JWH on.Ont: How does it really work this with ” own blends ”? Do you take the powder mixture you have made and ” soak in ” in any smokable herbs or? Tobacco? What silly times can be achieved without any major problems in about? What a stupid fucking answer when you want answers to something that you can easily find on google yourself. If not then believe you will find a thread here on flashback on the smoke mix forum without even searching.
Edit: Of course I can find JWH salesmen on google. But there are a lot that are probably not safe to order from if you want to get your stuff. Wanted links that were GREEN. A triple jwh so I would easily bet on ordering jwh-250, BUT it is drugs classified in sweden so you can order at your own risk. They are legal so maybe am-694 but since it is a bit toxic in higher doses and longer use I would probably refrain from it, but it is legal, Personally I think UR-144 worked quite well. Better than many of the later generations. But you might just mean by the JWH family? Jwh 250, jwh 122 (longest of all, even strong, becomes easily unbearable in wrong dose, go easy)
jwh 18-19 (for bl, heaviness) alt. AM-2233 which is similar to these but has been used as complete replacement in thc accustomed rats. (they digged this just as hard) these are fine together, but the 122 makes me so incredibly burnt the day after. would therefore if I could bring an anti-inflammatory as well, there are three but mainly JTE-907 that can also bridge between the others. So make it smooth all the way so you don’t have to get a rush that ends plat.se 250 as sativa and 122 as a mixture sativa / indica, 18, 19, am-2233 as pure indica. It is fucking fun to work with these, but a guideline might be 40% unique to begin with, because it gets hard in my opinion.

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