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Combining multiple cannabinoids at the same time?

It is something that is very easily done. You overestimate your own ability or underestimate the effect of the drug. Exactly synthetic cannabinoids and especially the newer generations can really make a head screw. Therefore, one must be very careful to dose carefully. Rolling whole clean joints and sitting and smoking and smoking I do not think it sounds strange if you snore for such smoking.

Personally, I smoke every other day now or something. When I smoke, I always use cigarette filters now to reduce / eliminate side effects. Furthermore, I always weigh my doses with a digital scale to know exactly how much I have gained in me by pure principle. Should something happen I know how much of the various substances are in my blood which is quite important to know. Well, it can still go wrong and end up smoking too much. I did not sneade, but the intoxication was far too strong. Here is a longer text about that event:

This has attracted me quite a lot of experience and I usually mix and run every other smoker with different cannabinoids. Occasionally, in one and the same cigarette, I add three, four different cannabinoids and smoke. The intoxication will be completely different compared to if you only stick to a variety.

A favorite is JWH-018, 5F-AKB48 and 5F-PB22 in the same cigarette and a total of 0.2 grams. I think I took 0.1 grams of JWH-018 and 0.05 grams of the other two. The ravages of combinations of cannabinoids can hardly be explained as there is so much emotion and confusion. Just imagine every single substance’s intoxication and distinctive traits, then you smoke a few more varieties and let these substances do their thing. There you lie in bed or wherever you are and are completely soaked in happiness from the CB1 and CB2 receptors in the main. Just the thing with this combination at JWH, PB and AKB is that you get:
The calm and relaxation from JWH-018
The mental philosophical side increases explosively
The inertia and buoyancy of 5F-PB22 & 5F-AKB48
The physical effects of 5F-PB22 & 5F-AKB48
The visual effects from both 5F-PB22 & 5F-AKB48
A unique feeling of really floating away mentally
A feeling of not being able to control their own body anymore

Something special that happens when you mix 5F-PB22 + AKB48 together is that if you lie in bed listening to music, it can feel like the whole body is almost cramping in a very comfortable way. The legs feel like they are flying up and down, the body vibrates and you are completely trapped in your own subconscious and you can see all kinds of memories.

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